The 7 Most Impressive Champions At Worlds 2018 So Far

Although Worlds has only just begun we can already get a strong sense of what kind of champions to expect for the remainder of the tournament. A few champions have been on an absolute tear over the past week and will probably remain highly contested picks throughout the tournament. Here are the top 5 of the tournament so far.


Even after his rework, it has taken Urgot a bit of time to actually be part of the meta but now that he is, he’s absolutely dominating. Urgot, together with Aatrox, has been pick and ban for 100% of the 26 games that were played and was played in 12 and banned in 14. However, with 12 games played he still sports an impressive 66.7% win rate. Urgot has great damage, pushing power, and an execute while being nigh unkillable. He is definitely the top dog.


Ever since the ardent censor meta has disappeared from the game Alistar has been the strongest support. At Worlds, the support players once again show why. Alistar has the best level 2 in the game, has great cc, and is nearly unkillable while having hardly any items. Alistar sports an impressive 84.6% pick and ban rate and a 66.7% win rate, similar to Urgot. If you have not yet picked up Alistar in your soloQ games you are missing out on some really easy victories.


League’s newest ADC is probably also League’s strongest ADC, at least, according to what we have seen at Worlds so far. Kai’Sa has been played the most out of all the champions with a total of 15 games, yet her win rate is still really high as it’s also at 66.7%, just like the previous two picks. Kai’Sa is a popular pick as she is quite strong throughout the game although she truly shines in the late game when she has enough power to go for the highlight-reel plays. Hopefully, Uzi can show us his prowess on this champion when he plays next week.


It’s a bit hard to judge how strong Rakan really is as he’s only been played 7 times so far, however, he does have the highest win rate of all champions played so far that was not just played in one or two games. Rakan has won 6 times out of the 7 that he was picked. He has also been banned 12 times which means that his pick and ban percentage is still quite high at 73.1%. Rakan is valued for his playmaking and mobility and allows support players to go for some really ballsy engagements.


Nocturne has only been picked 6 times during the tournament as he fits a very niche role and simply can’t perform in every team comp, but when Nocturne is on, he is on. He has won 5 games out the 6 that he was played in and has impressed every single time. Teams that know how to utilize the champion can get ahead so far at such a rapid pace that the rest of the game is often a complete stomp. Nocturne is a pick that will work well in your soloQ games too, as long as you get ahead early, the enemy often won’t know how to deal with you.


Aatrox is more of an honorable mention rather than a pick that is performing extremely well at worlds, quite the opposite even, Aatrox has an abysmal win rate of only 28.6%. Don’t let that you fool you though, this champ is really powerful as can be seen with his pick and ban rate which is 100%, just like Urgot. Aatrox has also received the most bans so far with a total of 19 in 26 games so he is certainly a pick that teams are afraid of.


Akali is another champion that is more of an honorable mention rather than a champ that’s killing it at Worlds. Even though Akali has an 88.5% pick and ban rate, she has only played in 5 games so far of which 3 were defeats, which makes it kind of hard to say that the champ is performing well. However, we all know that Akali is extremely powerful and that if she’s in the right hands she can tear up any game that she is played in. I expect this champ’s win rate to increase throughout the tournament.

Worlds 2018 has already been extremely enjoyable so far and we have had quite a good glimpse at what picks are performing well and which aren’t as much. However, the tournament has only just begun and we often see some kind of a tournament meta develop as the tournament continues so these picks might still change in the future.

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