Nintendo Has Patented A Playable Game Boy Phone Case

A mobile phone case that looks like a classic Nintendo Game Boy is nothing new. Everyone has probably seen at least one person with such a case, or maybe you even bought one yourself. However, according to a patent, Nintendo is now working on their own version for such a case that can actually be used to play games.


The patent, discovered by Siliconera, was already filed on March 16, 2018, and describes a phone case that will also be able to serve as an input device. The Game Boy case will cover the screen of your mobile device and you will be able to input commands via the buttons that will be present on the case and will be laid out in the same way that the classic Game Boy buttons did. Between the phone case and the phone will be a thin conductive sheet so that when you use the Game Boy buttons as input, the phone will recognize it as fingerprints and actually respond. Furthermore, part of the casing will be open and show the phone screen, which will be in the same position as where the Game Boy screen would be.


According to the patent, besides covering the screen, the sides of the device will be left mostly unobscured so that people can still attach other accessories to the device, charge the device, or use headphones without any problems. The camera and speaker also won’t be obstructed so that you can still use them.


Although the patented idea sounds ingenious and something a lot of gamers might want to try it’s still uncertain whether we will actually get the device or not. A lot of times ideas that companies are working on will not work out but will still have been patented. In such a case the companies will often let the patent run out and the idea will fade into obscurity. This is something that could still happen for this phone case so don’t get your hopes up quite yet. However, if Nintendo does go through with the production of this idea, it will be a really great way for a lot of people to relive some of their most cherished childhood memories

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