Bandai Namco Unveils New Yugi Character Trailer For Jump Force

There isn’t a soul alive who saw this coming – Bandai Namco has just unveiled a shocking new character trailer for their upcoming anime crossover fighter Jump Force. Who is the latest fighter to be added to the roster? Yugi, aka the “King of Games,” from Yu-Gi-Oh!

So far, most of the characters we’ve seen have been associated with actual fighting anime series. We’ve had Dragonball Z, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, and One Piece, just to name a few. Considering this to be the case, it’s been extremely easy to translate characters from these series into the game in terms of their move sets. It’s more or less a copy/paste job of taking their most famous abilities used in the show/manga and applying it to their in-game character.

As those of you who are familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! know, the series focuses on card battles and as such, is the only one on the list that doesn’t fit the “fighting anime” genre. While it’s extremely strange to see a card-battling character like Yugi in a game where characters are throwing punches, kicks, and fireballs, Bandai Namco seem to have done a pretty good job fleshing out his move set and making him fit in the game’s lore.

Have a look in the trailer below.

As you can see, Yugi fights by summoning some of his most famous cards like the “Dark Magician” and the “Dark Magician Girl” into combat.

We’ve seen that Light Yagami and Ryuk were in the game’s original trailer, but later found out that the two aren’t playable characters. Given the creative way Yugi, a non-fighting genre character, was built to fit into the Jump Force world, it would’ve been interesting to see what kind of move set Light and Ryuk would’ve had if they were playable characters.

What other non-fighting genre shonen anime/manga characters do you think would be a great fit for Jump Force? Let us know in the comments section below!


Featured Image Source: YouTube

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