New Nintendo Switch Model Set To Be Released Sometime Next Year

In an article on the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo suppliers have confirmed that the company is preparing to unveil a new version of the Switch next year. The WSJ’s theory is that the move comes as an effort to rekindle interest in the system as sales for the unit have been slowing.

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One of the improvements that is being debated for the new Switch is to enhance the display. The screen quality has been an issue that many owners current Switch have lamented about

. At the moment, however, there isn’t any confirmation on this or any other upgrades, leaving many to speculate and dream up the types of enhancements they’d like to see.

The writers over at IGN have put together a great list of features that they think would be a great addition to the new Switch. Most of the ideas there involve improving the mobile capabilities of the device, such as boosting the battery life, increasing the size of the on-board storage, and the aforementioned improved screen. One of the most sensible add-ons they’d like to see that for some bizarre reason Nintendo didn’t incorporate into the device, is support for a Bluetooth headset. This is a no-brainer Nintendo. Given that the only way to voice chat with your friends right now is through using their app on your phone, this is a much needed quality of life improvement that would remove the need for you to drain your phone batteries to do simple voice chat.


The WSJ has stated that Nintendo is planning to launch the upgraded version of the Switch sometime towards the middle of next year, noting that it could debut as early as the summer.


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