Blizzard President Steps Down And Is Replaced By WoW Executive Producer

Here’s some pretty big gaming industry news – Mike Morhaime, one of the original founding members of Blizzard Entertainment, is stepping down from his role as president of the company. J. Allen Brack, World of Warcraft’s executive producer, will be taking the reins from him as Morhaime takes a backseat as a strategic advisor to Blizzard.

Mike Morhaime. Image Source: TheOuterHaven

The news comes from an official blog post on the Blizzard site. After 27 years in the company, Morhaime deserves a good break and he’s confident that Brack is the right man to replace him. Speaking of Brack, Morhaime noted the following:

“J. is an inspiring leader who has shown unwavering commitment to Blizzard’s community in his 12 years with the company. His leadership on World of Warcraft leveraged his vision, creativity, and commitment to quality, and together with the rest of the dev team helped deliver an experience that is unprecedented in our industry. I couldn’t be happier for J. and know that Blizzard will continue to make great games with him at the helm.”


The blog post also contained a statement from J. Allen Brack as well. In it, Brack reveals that along with Morhaime’s departure came two other company shifts. Ray Gresko, who helped create both Diablo 3 as well as Overwatch has been promoted to chief development officer. Allen Adham, another original founding member of Blizzard, will also be joining the executive team.

These are some pretty sizable shifts within the company and it will be interesting to see what kind of an impact these changes will have, if any, on the direction Blizzard takes from here. With Blizzcon 2018 occurring in less than a month, we’ll soon be getting a chance for a sneak peak.


Featured Image Source: UNGeek

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