Top 5 Marksman Champs To Climb Rank With Right Now

At the moment, these 5 below marksman champions are the best to climb rank with. Picking one of these 5 does not guarantee you winning a match but it does put you in the best position to win one.

Miss Fortune

None other than Miss “The Bounty Hunter” Fortune is the most stable marksman champ as of now. She went through many patches just like every other champion but remained dominant and is still number 1 among all marksman champions.

Commonly Miss Fortune would need lethality bonus items and Dark Harvest rune every match. Her damage mostly comes from Q – Double Up which can critically strike for 100% bonus damage on the second hit.



With the buff he received in Patch 8.18, Lucian is coming back strong in bot lane.

Lucian is really strong in early game and with E – Relentless Pursuit available, he can suppress enemy marksman effectively in laning phase. His Q – Piercing Light also got buffed (increased bonus physical damage) and that made him even more deadly now.


Unlike Lucian and Miss Fortune, Jinx is more like a late-game champion. She can only reach her full potential with enough items.

Playing Jinx, you have to keep calm and just farm until you already have items like Stormrazor, Runaan’s Hurricane. That’s when Jinx can start making impact on the match with Fishbones (1 of the 2 guns you can switch back and forth with Jinx’s Q – Switcheroo!).


Switching to Pow-Pow makes Jinx’s attack speed go up a lot and her basic attacks should become much scarier.


Apart from Lucian, Vayne is another marksman champion that got buffed in Patch 8.18.

Vayne has always been a good counter to tank champs in League of Legends as she can deal true damage (deal damage base on target’s maximum HP). Furthermore, Vayne can dash, go invisible and knock back enemies.

Vayne is scarier in late game as she also relies a lot on items like how Jinx does.


Jhin has a reloading mechanics similar to that of Graves. The way it works makes up for the fact that Jhin can’t attack continuously: 100% critically strike for 15/20/25% of the target’s missing health bonus physical damage with the fourth attack or deal less damage but grant him bonus movement speed.

With his kit and Dark Harvest rune, Jihn “The Virtuoso” has been a real nightmare on every tier of ranked queue, his capability to one-hit a champion is truly daunting.

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