There Is Now A Playable Bowsette Mod For Mario 64

The Bowsette craze continues! Yesterday, we had an official Bowsette meetup being planned for next month, and today, we have the unveiling of a new Mario 64 mod that allows players to actually play as Bowsette in game!

Mario 64 modder, Kaze Emanuar, has been messing around with the game for more than 5 years as you can see on his YouTube page

. As first reported by Kotaku, Kaze was commissioned to create a playable Bowsette mod which he completed and demonstrated in his video below.

The mod isn’t merely a reskinned Mario – Bowsette actually has a special ability allowing her to shoot fireballs out of her palms! In the video, poor Toad experiences the flames firsthand.

Apparently, the Bowsette mod was commissioned by the Hobo Bros. and you can see them test out their new toy in a video uploaded earlier. Unlike the mod showcase by Kaze, the below video shows the Hobo Bros. going through a few levels and even more ridiculous, actually attempting to beat Bowser with Bowsette!

The best scene in their playthrough of the mod is where they manage to get Bowsette to climb up and down a pole… making them giggle like school boys. Here’s a screen cap.

Honestly, their video is pretty hilarious and definitely worth a watch. From accidentally blowing up switches, pipes, and doors, the mod playthrough is full of crazy moments.


Featured Image Source: Goboiano

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