Fortnite Season 6 Accidentally Includes Enhanced Breast Physics

Season 6 of Fortnite is officially underway and with it comes a whole host of new updates. Quite possibly the most notable of these, however, is something rather unexpected – the addition of “breast physics.”

For those of you who’ve never heard of breast physics, it’s basically the jiggling of a character’s breasts upon movement, popularized by the Dead or Alive series of fighting games. Dead or Alive 5

even has a slider allowing you to adjust the exact strength of the breast physics, ranging from “normal” to “OMG” levels.

Apparently, some Epic Games coders thought it would be funny to do their own take on breast physics in Fortnite, and somehow managed to sneak it onto the public release. Twitter used “FaZe Agony” began noticing that Calamity now has a distinct “jiggle” when she does the jubilation emote. Check it out below.

PCGamer reached out to Epic Games for comment on the enhanced physics and a rep responded saying, “This is embarrassing and unintended. We are working on a fix as soon possible.”

Two of the top responses to FaZe’s original post commented that it wouldn’t be long before the skin was disabled, and sure enough, it seems like it already has.

Kotaku also contacted Epic Games regarding this issue, and specifically asked them how something this “seemingly elaborate gets unintentionally programmed” into the game to which the spokesperson did not comment on.

Either this was a joke by a couple of coders, or a bizarre marketing stunt. The latter theory seems a bit out of place though, considering Fortnite has grown to the point where cheap gimmicks like this won’t really help them that much –  they literally hit over 80 million players logging in last month.


Featured Image Source: YouTube (via SMGxPrincess)

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