Arena Of Valor: Best Support Heroes In Battlefield 2.0

Support is an irreplaceable role of any team in any case. “One for all” should be the motto that suits support players the most, not only in Arena of Valor, as they tend to sacrifice everything to do a lot, lot of things for their teammates. Shifting into Battlefield 2.0, except for the meta, this remains unchanged. Let’s take a look at the best support heroes of Battlefield 2.0 of Arena of Valor.


Arena of Valor players witness a surge in Chaugnar’s pick rate in ranked queue on various servers as well as on competitive scene. It peaked at 70% at a point. He is whether picked or banned on the first ban/pick phase. Essence of the Wind is a must-have item for Chaugnar as it gives him a lot of essential stats.


As a support, Chaugnar can do a lot for his team: slow enemy heroes, dispel dispellable effects. In some cases, Chaugnar can even become a damage dealer and if heroes that good at harassing enemies like Murad are not in the match, Chaugnar should be able to do much more than other support heroes can.


Arena of Valor players now prefer playing Annette to Alice. Annette is capable of clearing lane minions using Gust Force (summons a whirlwind that traps hit enemies in the center). Annette’s ultimate – Hurricane Wall can do a good job saving allied heroes and towers by knocking back enemies, giving nearby allies movement speed and attack speed.

These abilities work perfectly in big teamfights and should make good combos with other AOE abilities. The control/slow effects from Wind Cuffs and Gust Force are effective enough to scare away the likes of Lindis, Superman.



Arum is not born for the role but she is really good at being a support. Arum can prevent early jungle steals well. With life steal ability, it’s not a problem for Arum to deal with many enemies at once. If you don’t have enough damage to fight Arum, it’s wise to run first.

3 charges of Uncaged would cause 3 different effects on enemies (slow 50%, slow 90% and 1s stun). If you want to take on an enemy hero but there is Arum nearby, you should wait until she used her ultimate – Snare on someone else first or your attempt will go to waste easily.


The return of Lumburr weakens Valhein in this meta. If there were no Lumburr and Cresht, Valhein would be “the boss” but to go up against Lumburr with Valhein is just not possible. Lumburr is able to boost his teammates’ armor and resistance.

Even Chaugnar’s ultimate – Chaos Protection can’t remove all control effects of Earth Splitter – Lumburr’s ultimate, can only remove stun but not slow effect). That means you can’t completely counter Lumburr with Chaugnar.

In teamfights, position Lumburr near low HP assassin, marksman heroes to get bonus stats (armor and magic defense) for himself and also for the lowest HP hero.

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