From Bowsette To Boosette Nintendo Fans Are Obsessed With Super Crown Transformations

The Bowsette explosion in fandom still continues to go strong, but now, a new challenger is appearing to win the hearts of netizens across the globe – Boosette!

When Bowser first put on the “super crown” in a comic strip by Twitter user ayyk92, a new internet phenomenon was born. Following along in this play on the “super crown” transformation theme, netizens are now focused on Boosette – an amalgamation of Princess Peach and King Boo. Kotaku has reported that Japanese fans have named the new character  “Queen Boo” or “Princess Teresa,” and have compiled a huge list of Twitter pics

that showcase the internet’s new obsession. Here’s a couple great ones that they missed.

The hype has even got more than a fair share of cosplayers getting in on the action.

We’ve had Bowsette and now Boosette, leaving many to wonder who the next big super crown transformation craze is going to be. Could it possible be a sexy magikoopa?

Image Source: Hello-Yoshi

So post super crown transformation, that’d make her “Magikoopette?” It’s easy to see how the cute girl with glasses schtick could be worked to great effect here.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comment section below!


Featured Image Source: Twitter (via @kanniiepan)

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