All 14 Alpha Predators Of ARK: Survival Evolved (Part 2)

8. Alpha Mosasaur

Mosasaur is a rare species that lives at the bottom of oceans in ARK. They only appear very far from shores and often stay close to the map’s edges. Alpha Mosasaur is more aggressive than normal  Mosasaur. They actively seek and chase after players far from where they live while the normal Mosasaur only react when players get close to them.

9. Alpha Raptor

Raptor is rather small comparing to other dinosaurs. It tends to prey on smaller creatures and often hunt in packs. Alpha Raptor is bigger in size and is also stronger, has higher resistance. Defeating Alpha Raptor gives players more XP and drops Rex Bone Helmet Skin. Other guaranteed/possible drops: Alpha Raptor Claw (guaranteed), Raw Prime Meat, Hide, weapons, high-quality armors and various other items.

10. Alpha Rex

Rex is also called Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex). It is extremely strong, dangerous and can dominate all of the land where it dwells. It often lives, hunts alone and tends to attack all other creatures for food or to protect its territory. Alpha Rex is even more deadly in every aspect, bigger in size and much stronger. You can seldom see one but defeating an Alpha Rex would give a lot of XP and Trike Bone Helmet Skin, Alpha Tyrannosaur Tooth and some other valuable items.

11. Alpha Surface Reaper King

Reaper is another fictional creature of ARK. Its habitat is underground. Reaper makes surprise attacks from underground and can spit poisonous acid from its tail. It has many variants including Elemental Reaper King, Subterranean Reaper King, Surface Reaper King and Reaper Queen. Only Surface Reaper King has Alpha variant.

Alpha Surface Reaper King is much more aggressive than its original form. Surface Reaper King often rises to the surface at night and roams around but Alpha Surface Reaper King seldom does that.

12. Alpha Tusoteuthis

Tusoteuthis is a deadly underwater predator. It poses threats to every underwater creature. “Once it grabs its prey, it slowly crushes it into submission while using the talons on its tentacles to siphon and drink the victim’s blood!” – Explorer Notes. If Tusoteuthis feels like it can’t win a fight or if it doesn’t want to fight to begin with, it will emit ink into water to blind its enemy for a safe escape. An Alpha Tusoteuthis is bigger than a normal Tusoteuthis and is red in color.

13. Alpha Iceworm (Iceworm Queen)

Iceworm is like Deathworm we have learnt about in Part 1 of the article. Every Iceworm is male but its Alpha variant is female so it is called Iceworm Queen. The difference between Iceworm and Deathworm is their habitat, Deathworm lives in deserts while Iceworm’s livelihood is ice caves. Deathworm’s color resembles the deserts’ color palette and Iceworm colored light blue. Iceworm is smaller than Deathworm in size.

14. Alpha Gigantopithecus (Yeti)

Unlike Gigantopithecus, its Alpha variant called Yeti can only be found in ice caves. Yeti has much higher stats than that of Gigantopithecus and it can’t be tamed. It is very passive, seldom moves and only does that when there is another creature nearby. Yeti might be the easiest to find Alpha among all Alpha Predators. Sometimes there are so many of them in a cave that it causes trouble for caveexplorers.


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