Swiss Football Fans Protest Against Esports

Apparently eSports makes some people extremely angry? In a rather strange report from the Associated Press (via Eurogamer), Swiss football fans protested against eSports by throwing controllers onto the pitch as well as holding up a giant “pause button” in the stands to show their anger.

Two teams, Young Boys and Basel, faced off in the Swiss League on Sunday. Their match had to be delayed for a few minutes while the field was cleared of the debris protestors had thrown onto it. This included both old controllers and tons of tennis balls.

Image Source: Eurogamer

The source of the protest stems from the fact that Basel has its own FIFA esports team, and some people feel that instead of financially supporting virtual games, they should be putting more money into their actual football team.

PCGamer has reported that while Young Boys does not currently have an esports team, league authorities are planning to launch a big eSports event in which all teams would have to compete. For this reason in particular, angry fans may have organized themselves to make their disdain for this direction known.

The Guardian uploaded a video of the protest onto YouTube where you can see people lobbing tennis balls onto the field.

Despite the show from some unruly fans, the game continued on and Young Boys went on to win 7-1 against Basel.

Who would’ve known some people would get so upset over eSports? Pretty sure these football leagues have more than enough money to support multiple ventures with ease.


Featured Image Source: PCGamer

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