New FFBE Unit CG Hyoh Guide And Review

The man, the myth, the legend – CG Hyoh – has finally arrived to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. For those of you who don’t follow the Japanese meta, he’s the defacto most hyped unit since the chaining meta began with Orlandeau way back when. Now that he’s here, is he every bit game breaking as he was in the JP version of the game? Let’s analyze that question as well as the infamous “should you pull?” Without further ado, let’s get right into the CG Hyoh review.

CG Hyoh Review

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CG Hyoh is a strong “true doublehand” (TDH) physical attack damage dealer and is essentially the first monster unit who has the kit to take advantage of TDH. He’s got several passive traits that boost his ATK value up to help him be the best as what he does – deal boatloads of damage. Hyoh’s weapon of choice is the great sword. With one equipped, at 7 stars, he’ll have an innate ATK of 110% thanks to his Large Sword Mastery and Unrivaled Talent passives which provide 50% and 30% ATK respectively.

In addition to his huge ATK boosts, he actually gets several passives which increase his defensive capabilities making him quite sturdy for a DPS unit. He gets an innate +30% HP passive, as well as a 20% HP/MP with Mysterious Swordsman, and an extra 20% SPR randomly at level 115. He also gets Auto-Refresh, the standard 5% MP per turn passive that most 5-star base units have.


Active Abilities

Hyoh has a lot of strong active abilities. Right off the bat, he has “Dual Slash,” which is an AoE move that attacks all enemies twice. It’s not a really strong move, but at only 27 MP, it’s great for clearing trash mobs if you want to use him in story battles.

He also has access to three moves which have the same frames as Divine Ruination (DR), meaning he can chain with Orlandeau, Fryevia, and Veritas of the Dark among many others. Flame Blade is a 3.5 coefficient move that imperils fire for 60% for 3 turns. The lightning variant of this is Voltage Blade. He’s also the first unit to have a chaining move with a built-in finishing hit. Servant of the Blade is a 7-hit ability where the first 6 hits have a coefficient of 0.5x and the 7th is an AoE strike that “finishes” the first 6 hits with a coefficient of 1.8x with 50% defense ignore!

Hyoh also gets a bit of utility with Unknown Traitor, which is an AoE strike that also acts as a dispel removing all beneficial buffs from enemies hit. He is also a pretty self-sufficient unit in that he can buff his own defenses with Heat Drive, a 100% DEF/SPR and 30% damage mitigation ability. He can also buff his own ATK by 100% with Selfless State.

What makes Hyoh so powerful is Double Blade, an ability that allows all of his “Blade” moves as well as Unknown Traitor to be double cast. He also has a move called Improve Stance, which in addition to clearing all breaks on himself, grants him the ability to triple cast.

Why are double cast and triple cast a big deal? When a dual wielding unit is equipped with two weapons, he ends up using an ability twice – once with each weapon. With the advent of TDH gear such as Cloud and Elfreeda’s TMR, the ATK rating of units could be boosted to levels significantly higher than dual wielding units could achieve. The downside is that prior to Hyoh, these units could only hit with their abilities once, making their difference in total damage output rather small despite the ATK difference. Hyoh’s ability to double and triple cast his abilities, eliminates that weakness.


At 7-star, Hyoh also gains access to two cooldown moves: Phantom Blade and Way of the Void. Phantom Blade is a 5-turn cooldown move that is available on turn 5. Like Servant of the Blade, this ability is a 6 hit + 1 finisher hit that chains with the DR family. In addition to having a higher coefficient, Phantom Blade also imperils fire and lightning resistance by 100% for 3-turns to all enemies. Way of the Void is also a 5-turn cooldown move, but is available on turn 1. It provides access to triple cast for 2 turns, buffs Hyoh’s ATK by 200% for 3 turns, and fully recovers his HP.

Limit Burst

Hyoh’s limit burst is an insane spiral fire strike called Extreme Nova. This extremely powerful move is a 30-hit move that at max level, has a coefficient of 19x. As a CG unit, Hyoh’s LB has a spiffy CG-animated cut scene upon use. Check it out below.

His LB is really no joke. There are tons of videos on YouTube showcasing the massive damage two Hyohs can do when chaining the hit together. Here’s YouTuber meetmeonmars melting tons of bosses with just Hyoh’s LB.


Hyoh’s TMR, Hyoh’s Clothes, is the new highest ATK clothes in the game. It comes with +28 ATK , +42 DEF, and provides a 30% ATK increase when wielding a great sword. When Hyoh equips it, he gets a passive 100% TDH and a chance to counter physical and magic attacks by granting himself triple cast.

His STMR, Ultima Weapon, is rather bizarre. Despite the fact that Hyoh is a TDH chainer, his weapon is a 1-handed great sword with +180 ATK. You’re better off using a 1-handed fire or lightning great sword, or later a 2-handed elemental great sword to take advantage of his strong imperils than using this weapon. If you get lucky enough to get 4 Hyohs, it’s probably a better idea to 7-star two of them instead of getting this STMR.


Hyoh is an extremely powerful and versatile TDH chainer. Being able to double cast and triple cast his abilities gives him the flexibility to mix and match moves to meet the needs of a variety of situations. More importantly, none of his moves have elements attached to them, meaning you can equip him with any weapon to fit the needs of the fight. Other high damage units such as Tidus are often times locked to a specific element such as water. Lastly, he chains with the DR family, meaning there are numerous different units that you can pair him up with.

Hyoh’s major drawback is the fact that in order to fully optimize your usage of him, you really need to have TDH gear. Ideally, you’d want to have 200% TDH, as he innately gets 100% when equipped with his own TMR enabling him to hit the cap of 300%. The best TDH items are locked behind 5-star base units so it isn’t easy to acquire them. His other major drawback is his massive MP consumption. You are going to burn through your mana lightning fast if you don’t have a powerful mana battery such as Lunera or CG Fina + CG Nichol.

So, should you pull? Ultimately, it depends on whether or not you can fully make use of him despite his drawbacks. In other words, do you have 200% TDH gear? Do you have a strong mana battery? If you do, he’s definitely worth a spot on your team as he’s still a top damage dealer for content that’s a year away according to Famitsu’s ranking of damage dealers for the JP version.


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