Arena Of Valor Battlefield 2.0: Top 5 Heroes To Counter Marksman Heroes

Marksman heroes are not unbeatable in all cases. To beat enemy marksman heroes, you have to pick a suitable hero to do the job and remember to always aim them in team fights, don’t give them any space and time.

You should either pick someone who is very mobile, in possession of a good combo to quickly reduce enemy marksman’s HP or a hero with crowd control abilities to combo with other teammates for a kill.

Here’s the Top 5 Heroes To Counter Marksman Heroes in AOV Battlefield 2.0

1. Airi

Arena Of Valor Battlefield 2.0 marksman

Airi is the best hero to hunt down a marksman. Airi is quick, she can deal a lot of damage in a short time and she can stun too. This melee warrior/assassin hero only needs Muramasa to become a real threat to marksman heroes.

With Spin, Airi can deal damage to and stun enemy at the same time. She can use Spin as often as possible to harass enemy marksman hero. Her ultimate – Ryuu deals a huge amount of damage, stuns the hit targets and moreover grants her a shield that absorbs up to 550 damage. The shield and Shadow (charge towards a specified direction) would help Airi escape after attempting to kill enemy marksman hero.

Except for when Airi’s target is too farmed, otherwise, he could not outperform or escape Airi easily.

2. Zephys


Zephys is often used to counter marksman heroes and help team become more durable. Zephys has such a strong combo in terms of damage output which also can disable his target for quite long. His skills have short cooldown therefore he is able to make his way out of a teamfight he involved in.

Unwavering Death – Zephys’ passive skill reduces 1% damage for each 3% HP he lost. It means that the more damage Zephys takes the more tanky he becomes. Zephys can totally rely on Unwavering Death to directly engage, aim for enemy marksman hero and stay to tank for a long while before retreating. You might as well choose to play stealthily with Zephys with a bit different item building.

3. Zuka

Zuka is among the few heroes of Arena of Valor that deal the highest amount of damage in a very short time to a single target. So why is he ranked 3 on this list? Zuka can only deal with one enemy hero at once. If his target got some back up and Zuka got none, he should back out immediately.

Zuka’s damage output would be maximum if all his skills hit one same target. Failing to land any of those skills on the target would reduce the damage it would have taken dramatically.

But none of those above things would mean anything if Zuka was farmed, got about 3 early kills as by that point Zuka should have become very hard to kill.

4. Flash

Flash is the only mage hero that is capable of getting up close to attack an enemy hero then retreat safely. He can also mess with enemy team’s formation while doing so. If Flash takes the initiator role of his team, enemy marksman will be the first to take a load of magic damage skills from him.

Among 5 heroes of this list, Flash is the best one to harass enemies and to carry out an assassination mission. It would be great if you could use Flash’s Cyclone to surround 3 or more enemies for your teammates to line up AOE skills and finish the job.

5. Batman

Batman is famous for his invisibility which is even more efficient than that of Wukong. Batman has a good combo but you have to use the skills precisely.

Missing a combo makes it hard for himself to turn around and escape. Batman is not often picked as a solo lane hero but when it comes to ganking, no one can doubt Batman’s utility. It’s wise to play stealthily with Batman instead of taking on enemies directly.

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