15 Seagull Overwatch Highlights You Need To Watch Right Now

15 Seagull Overwatch Highlights You Need To Watch Right Now

Although Seagull has now retired from professional Overwatch play, he’s still busting out moves daily over on Twitch fully warranting his legacy as one of the best Overwatch players and making serious coin in the process. The switch back to streaming was exacerbated by weight and sleep issues, but there’s no doubt Seagull is back in his element and loving every moment of it. We’ve compiled 15 of his best Overwatch highlights from over the years from funny moments to pro plays and they really can’t be missed. Settle down and enjoy the sight of a master at work.

1. Lucky Tire

Playing as Junkrat, Seagull unleashes a tire bomb and carefully guides it towards a doorway. Through a stroke of extreme good luck, most of the enemy team happen to be passing by at the perfect moment, securing a quadra kill. His reaction says it all, he’s as surprised as we are awed.

2. Seagull Celebration

Seagull is a pretty happy guy, always smiling, and clearly enjoying playing the game he loves. This clip of Oge and Mickie joining Seagull at his chair on stage to perform a carefully choreographed bird celebration is pure gold. The best part is how much fun they seem to be having.


3. Bye Bye Tracer

In this one, Seagull shows us his pure skill, taking down a peeking Tracer by first stunning her with a Flashbang, followed by the perfect peacekeeper shot. All done with effortless style and accompanied by a ‘later dude’ to round off the sheer dominance.

4. Genji Play

We couldn’t in good conscience compile a list like this one without including a few Seagull Genji highlights. This one needs no explanation. His aim is effortlessly insane with two mid-air kills all while talking to chat nonchalantly as if what he was doing in-game was just a run of the mill play. Talk about multitasking. Just watch.

5. The Handshake


The E-League Overwatch Open in Atlanta in 2016 may have produced great game play and competition, but Seagull’s botched handshake with presenter Malik Forté stands as the defining moment of the event. This is as bad as handshakes get. Seagull misreading a hand gesture as a handshake, the awkward recovery, and both of them trying to laugh it off; pure cringe.

6. 100K Jeff Kaplan Appearance

Since leaving the pro scene, Seagull has been drawing in huge viewership numbers over on Twitch. It all peaked late last month when he passed the milestone of 100k concurrent viewers. Blizzard’s very own Jeff Kaplan hopped onto Overwatch’s chat to congratulate Seagull personally for his achievement. Seagull’s incredulous joy is palpable. His humility is what makes him a fan favorite and this clip shows us just why.

7. Five Kill Genji Play

Seagull gives us a masterclass not only in Genji play, but also in patience. He waits for exactly the right moment, then unleashes to secure a five player kill. The speed is also incredible and I won’t lie, I have trouble following exactly what the hell is going on exactly. This is why us mere mortals will never reach the heights of Seagull’s greatness.


8. Bounce, Kill, Repeat

The opposing team attempt to flank from below, but Seagull playing as Bastion keeps his cool and repeatedly bounces to eliminate five in a row. Admittedly, there’s a degree of right place, right time going on here, but the way Seagull manages an unexpected situation is a pleasure to watch. As always his aim and mechanics are flawless.

9. Hanzo God

This Hanzo outplay is spectacular. People go on and on about Seagull’s aim and precision, but with such good reason. Take a look at this six kill streak; the minute cursor adjustments to secure head shot after head shot while being continuously on the move are straight up superhuman.

10. Tank Mode Carnage

While playing for NRG in a game against Splyce, Seagull goes all in with a phenomenal Bastion tank mode, which absolutely decimates the opposing team. Even the commentators are at odds to find the right words to describe what is going on other than laughs of disbelief.

11. Seagull On Doomfist

Seagull’s first game on Doomfist was insane. He basically shred through the opposing team, hinting at the hero being just a little too powerful. Nevertheless, his 4 kill streak is pretty impressive to say the least. No wonder Doomfist was subsequently nerfed.

12. Pharah Skills

In this 2016 game from the OG Invitational between Luminosity and Cloud 9, Seagull shows us how to play Pharah with a near perfect 6 kill combo culminating in a spectacular use of Barrage. The play was pivotal in turning the fortunes of Luminosity around, leading them to a 2-1 win over Cloud 9, and marking the path to the finals, where they ultimately fell to Team EnvyUs.

13. Glitchy Death

Even the best players in the world aren’t immune to the occasional glitch. Here we have Seagull popping off on Doomfist, then setting up a Meteor Strike only to find himself glitched under the map, where he plummets to his death. His reaction is priceless. It happens to the best of us.

14. Death To Dragon

If you’re in a tunnel with Dragonstrike heading your way, there’s no much you can do except run in the small hope you’ll somehow survive. Seagull doesn’t survive despite doing his very best to evade the lethal Spirit Dragon and he knows he’s doomed from the beginning as his reaction shows.

15. Five Kill DragonStrike

With the shoe on the other foot, Seagull unleashes a devastating Dragonstrike to secure a five man elimination in his last professional season as part the Dallas Fuel Overwatch team. It’s textbook, but oh so pleasing to watch.

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