Goku To Be Able To Access Super Saiyan Blue In Jump Force

Bandai Namco confirmed today that Goku will be able to access his Super Saiyan Blue form in the upcoming anime mash-up fighter “Jump Force” (via IGN). The developers shared this new piece of info along with a short gif on a Twitter post earlier.

Bandai Namco’s European Twitter account uploaded an image of his blue form along with the caption: “Goku will be able to unleash the power of the Super Saiyan Blue in Jump Force! Can you guess how to activate it?”

Based on this info, it’s clear that the Super Saiyan Blue Goku is not a separate game character, and is more likely some powered-up form of Goku. Throw in the fact that the image also showcases a “Six Paths Sage Mode” Naruto and “Gear Fourth” Luffy, it seems more than likely players will be able to charge up some sort of super bar or similar concept in order to active their special forms.

Assuming this to be correct, it would be interested to see if fighters get a different move-set or their attacks gain different properties while in their powered up forms.

At the end of the trailer revealed during Gamescom, the game showcases an unknown fighter with Luffy’s hat leading many to believe that the game potentially has a “create-a-fighter” option. This was eventually confirmed by the developers and given the newest announcements, begs the question,  “how will the game incorporate a powered-up mode for these fighters?” We’ll just have to sit tight on this one and wait until Bandai Namco releases more info on the create-a-fighter feature.

If you haven’t seen the epic Gamescom trailer yet, do yourself a much needed favor and check it out below.


Featured Image Source: Geeks.media

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