Lego Designer Creates Improved Versions Of Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

What do you get when you combine the creative power of Legos and Nintendo Labo? Pure brilliance.

A professional Lego designer, Vimal Patel, has used his Lego expertise to reimagine the Nintendo Labo Variety kit in Lego form! As Gamasutra has reported, Patel has uploaded a pretty amazing video showcasing his designs onto YouTube. Here a look at some of his work.

The first Labo model that Patel demonstrates is his reworked piano. While the top frame is still made of cardboard, the keys and the underlying mechanics are completely constructed with Legos!

Patel also revealed a Lego version of the Labo motorbike controller.

The last design included in the video is a Lego fishing rod for the fishing mini-game.

The original cardboard constructions are quite impressive in their own right, but these Lego variants on the designs look like they provide a better feel for the experience.

If you’re interested in putting together one of his designs yourself, unfortunately Patel hasn’t uploaded any step-by-step instructions. You might be able to get a good enough idea though by watching the full video. Check it out below.


Patel also has another Labo + Lego video up on his channel which gives you a look at some other interesting ways the two products can come together. One of the most practical one of these is a stand for the Switch!

If you’ve got the time, it’s also worth checking out.



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