LoL Guide: How To Counter Evelynn

“Agony’s Embrace” Evelynn is one of the most menacing assassins of League of Legends. Understand this champion better with this guide to avoid dying of her brutal attacks.

lol guide how to counter evelynn

I. Evelynn’s overview

1. Pros

Q – Hate Spike of Evelynn is very effective against neutral monsters. Hitting a monster would refund 60% of the cooldown, the hit target would also take bonus magic damage from the next 3 basic attacks/abilities of Evelynn. You can use Evelynn’s W – Allure to curse, apply effects and deal more damage.

Passive ability Demon Shade allows Evelynn to heal herself when she’s low. With Last Caress (R) which Evelynn may get at level 6,  the champion can become untargetable, deal damage (doubled against enemies below 30% of their maximum HP) then get away quickly.


With her kit, Evelynn is able to take aim at a single target and land a burst damage combo to quickly eliminate him. So if Evenlynn is your enemy, stay alert when you don’t see her on minimap.

2. Cons

  • Not so strong in early game, has to reach Level 6 first for more effective ganks.
  • Has to consistently stay farmed.
  • Is weaken towards late game.

II. How to counter Evelynn

1. Evelynn’s counter champions

Thanks to his high mobility, huge damage output in early game with  Sonic Wave +  Resonating Strike +   Tempest and a passive to buff attack speed, Lee Sin should be able to dominate Evelynn in jungle very early and reach Level 6 faster than she does. From then on, Evelynn could not stand a chance against Lee Sin.

If at some point Lee Sin can’t deal with Evelynn, use his  W – Safeguard/Iron Will for himself and ally to stay alive first then use  R – Dragon’s Rage to kick her away if needed.

Tremor Sense from  Burrow (W) allows Rek’Sai to detect Evelynn if she is nearby. With Rek’Sai doing his scouting job, allied Marksman and Mage can relax and farm. Rek’Sai is also able to quickly clear neutral monster camps with his  Q – Queen’s Wrath and  E – Furious Bite, especially when he is at maximum Fury and damage is double and converted to true damage.


Rek’Sai’s Void Rush (R) can be used to gank on or escape from Evelynn.

Early into the game, Graves can do a lot of things to suppress Evelynn, from taking over her jungle to gank her regularly with  W – Smoke Screen and  E – Quickdraw. At Level 6, there is no chance that Evelynn wins against Graves fair and square. If she intends to run, use  Collateral Damage (R) of Graves to shoot her down.

Evelynn is not Graves’ worthy opponent in late game.

2. Evelynn’s counter items

Use  Maw of Malmortius to counter Evelynn. It is the best item for physical damage champions as it provides our champions with a magic damage shield when health is low.

Get  Adaptive Helm for more health, magic resist and help reduce magic damage taken, an item you should get for fighters.

Evelynn can only combo once to kill a champion, if that champion has  Guardian Angel on him, Evelynn will has to reconsider everything.

 Banshee’s Veil is to help you block the first ability from Evelynn which is much needed for Mages.

Use  Zhonya’s Hourglass when Evelynn jumps on you to solve pretty much everything.

3. Counter Evelynn in gameplay

Don’t stray too far from your turret and give Evelynn a chance to attack you from behind. Use wards properly to interupt Evelynn’s farming while also detect and prevent her ganks.

 Oracle Lens is a good tool to detect Evelynn. In teamfights, stay near turret or a teammate that can cover you with his abilities in the time of need.

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