New Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle Coming Soon

If you’re a fan of Fortnite and have been thinking about buying a Switch, here’s Nintendo’s attempt to help you take the plunge – they just announced a new Switch + Fortnite bundle!

According to the official announcement shared by Nintendoeverything, Nintendo’s newest bundle is set to be released on October 5th. The “Double-Helix Bundle” will cost $300 USD and aside from the Switch console, buyers will also get a bonus 1000 V-bucks and the in-game Double-Helix cosmetic set.


IGN uploaded a picture of the new bundle and sadly, it looks like the unit is just a regular Switch console.

Image Source: IGN

Given that two of the other previously announced bundles, the Pokémon: Let’s Go! Pikachu/Eevee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, will feature special edition consoles, it would’ve been nice to see a Switch emblazoned with a Fortnite logo.

The special designs are definitely eye-catching!

Given how attractive the designs of the other two are, the Fortnite bundle seems like a hard sell. The 1000 V-bucks really only translates into about $10 USD and you can easily live without the extra cosmetic items. Honestly, unless you really just hate Pokémon and Super Smash Bros., these two bundles seem more worthwhile for the glitz of the fancy designs.


The only catch with the other two bundles is you’ll have to wait a bit longer. The Pokémon Switch bundle comes out November 16 and the Super Smash Bros. Bundle comes out November 2nd (though you won’t be able to download the game until it comes out on December 7.).


Featured Image Source: Epic Games


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