Free Frostpunk The Fall of Winterhome Expansion Lands This Week

Free Frostpunk The Fall of Winterhome Expansion Lands This Week

Developer 11Bit Studios has shoehorned itself into September’s already busy release schedule and announced the next free expansion to the stellar ice age survival city builder Frostpunk is branded for release next week on September 19th.

Dubbed The Fall of Winterhome, the new scenario is free for owners of Frostpunk and is a story-driven saga chronicling the collapse of Winterhome, a desolated town present in the base game’s campaign if you play your cards right.

The expansion pits players against the snowy elements in a newly created map swelling with fresh lore, revamped visuals, multiple hours of unseen content, and what 11Bit calls a ‘fresh take on Frostpunk’s mechanics’. A brief announcement trailer reveals very little other than the release date and a shot of what appears to be a classic frigid Frostpunk city. We’ve included it below. True to form, 11Bit remain hushed about the specifics to ensure players experience the new expansion fresh and unhindered.

The Fall of Winterhome is the next installment of 11Bit’s free DLC roadmap, which the developer detailed back in May this year. A new Survivor mode, new extreme difficulty settings, and People and Automatons DLC were released throughout the summer, greatly fleshing out the game.

Free Frostpunk The Fall of Winterhome Expansion Lands This Week

For the uninitiated, Frostpunk takes the traditional city building loop of endless expansion and turns it on its head with a veritable cluster of environmental limitations inherent to a world carpeted in an unbudging sheet of permanent snow, and terrifyingly low temperatures to match.

Frostpunk is about pure survival and the game demands that players make morally punishing choices in order to ensure the continued survival of their city. People will die and sacrifices will have be made otherwise a swift collapse is inevitable.

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