This Weekend’s PUBG Event Mode Is All About The New Mk47 Mutant

PUBG Mutant Mayhem Event Mode Is Live

In honor of the extensive Patch #21 introducing the new Mk47 Mutant Assault Rifle to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Corp are running a limited event mode aptly called Mutant Mayhem.

Prompting us to embrace our ‘inner mutant’, this week’s version of War Mode throws players into the arid climes of Miramar at dusk equipped with, you guessed it, an Mk47 as well as a level 1 vest and a generous 100 rounds of 7.62 bullets.

PUBG Mutant Mayhem Event Mode Is Live

Players jump in as squads of four, with a maximum of 40 players, and must accumulate 150 points to win or have the highest number of points at the 15 minute mark. Each kill banks 3 points, while a knock out is worth a single point. Similarly, revive a teammate and earn 1 point. Speaking of kills, if you’re downed respawns happen every 40 seconds by way of a trans-map flight. Staying alive is therefore crucial to avoid being MIA for what is quite a lengthy respawn period.

To encourage Mk47 action, red zones, care packages, and friendly fire are turned off. The absence of care packages is particularly important as it means the Mutant is by far the most powerful and versatile weapon available. Obviously, killer spectating is also disabled to avoid guiding your teammates to your murderer and spoiling the fun.

Mutant Mayhem is up on servers right now and runs until September 16 at 7pm PDT, 4am CEST, and 10am HKT (September 17th). As with other event modes, depending on the server the settings vary slightly. NA, EU, and AS can play in both third person and first person, while KR, JP, SEA, OC, and SA only get third person play.

PUBG Mutant Mayhem Event Mode Is Live

In case you missed it, the Mk47 mutant is a 20 round capacity assault rifle with single shot and 2-round burst firing modes. Highly accurate at mid-range, the Mk47 is a reliable marksman weapon. The Mk47 spawns on all PUBG maps and can house all attachment types like scopes and grips except for a stock slot.

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