Steam To Allow First Ever Completely Uncensored Adult Game To Library

According to Kotaku, Valve has given the green light to Dharker Studio’s adult-themed visual novel, “Negligee: Love Stories,” to appear on Steam.  In effect, this decision marks the first time a completely uncensored game will appear on the store.

Image Source: Arstechnica

For the past several months, Valve has been making a lot of adjustments regarding their policies on the kind of content that can be uploaded onto their game-sharing platform, Steam. After receiving harsh criticism

for allowing a school shooting simulator to become available for download, Valve decided that they were going to simply stop trying to police the content. Just a few days ago, they unveiled the details behind their new mature filter mechanism that attempts to give users some control over the kind of content that is visible to them.

Now that this mature filter is available, Steam has started reviewing other uncensored games for upload, but so far, it seems most developers of adult games aren’t as lucky as Dharker Studios. Kotaku reached out to several developers who have reported that their titles are still stuck in the process of getting approved.

While Dharker Studios’ director, Adam Tilley, is happy his game got the green light, he’s worried that the new filter settings might make it hard for users still familiarizing themselves with the new system to find his game. He told Kotaku:


“The one downside about all of this is, I think most people do not know about this new filter and, what’s more, do not realize that it is enabled by default (removing these mature adult games from their store). Hopefully, though, awareness of that will grow with time, as it did when the last set of filters were added.”

Personally, I don’t think Tilley has much to worry about. Given that this genre of games is still rather niche, hardcore fans are likely to do the required homework to find any piece of content that satisfies their craving. This being the case, the default filter issue is more of a problem for potential customers who are looking to try something new, rather than for his largest pool of customers who would most likely be seasoned veterans of the adult gaming scene.


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