Popular Twitch Streamer DrDisrespect Gets Shot At While Streaming

Yesterday, popular Twitch streamer, Dr. Disrespect, suddenly ended his stream claiming that someone had shot at his house. The shots and ensuing reactions were all caught on stream.

Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm, just finished up a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 match when distinct “bang” sounds can be heard in the background. Beahm paused for a moment looking in the direction of the sound, and then got up from his chair leaving camera view. After a few seconds, he returned without his iconic wig and sunglasses looking visibly shaken.

Beahm then informs his viewers that his house was just shot at. He describes how this is actually the second time it occurred, mentioning that someone had actually shot at the house the previous day. He then abruptly ended the stream.

Here’s the full video of the incident.

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Polyon contacted local law enforcement to gather more details about the shooting, but they were told that no specifics could be released at the moment. They did confirm, however, that an officer was sent to the house and that no medical assistance was requested meaning that no one was injured in the shooting.

Beahm himself hasn’t streamed since the incident nor made any further comments besides changing the headline of his Twitch stream to the following: “Doc and Family Are Safe. Proper Measures are being taken while stream is down for the day.”

News media outlets such as Kotaku have also reached out to both Beahm and local law enforcement, but they have not responded yet. When we hear of any update on the story, we’ll be sure to provide a follow-up.


Featured Image Source: PCGamesN

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