Dataminers Uncover PUBG Snow Map Image & Details

Dataminers Uncover PUBG Snow Map Details

Dataminers have been hard at work sifting through PUBG’s extensive patch #21 uncovering juicy details about the battle royale title’s long awaited snow-themed map, which is due sometime this winter.

First up, the map appears to be called Dihor Otok going by the files in the patch and in terms of size sits somewhere between Sanhok and Erangel, though closer to the latter in landmass. In sq-km, Dihor Otok is between 5x5km and 7x7km. Dataminers were able to extract an image of the snow map with building layouts, and what appear to be areas caked in snow, which are predominantly found in large swathe in the northern parts of the map. Three large agglomerations appear to be the centers of activity, with two in the north and one in the south, coupled with a smattering of smaller settlements, ports, and bays.

Dataminers Uncover PUBG Snow Map Details

The island is halved by a river coursing through the center, parts of which are iced over. These areas will invariably become no man’s lands requiring a quick traversal to avoid being picked off. Various bridges are scattered along the shores of said river and we spot on island in the southern part where the banks widen considerably. As with other PUBG maps, various roads crisscross the map, including a ring road snaking around the coast.

The dataminers also uncovered new assets include C4, castle ruins, wooden chalets, a replica of a VW Beetle, a maze, rockets, churches, and most interestingly, the night sky, which may be hinting at PUBG’s long awaited night mode. In addition, the haul is packed with standard building assets seemingly pulled from a Swiss town, austere Siberian outpost, or other snowy locale.

Dataminers Uncover PUBG Snow Map Details

The file names also offer a few hints, with the stand out having to be a location called DinoPark, possibly a dinosaur themed park of some description. The rocket assets are linked to a location currently dubbed Cosmodrome; a space museum or space center?

Dihor Otok has been in development for about a year now, with PUBG Corp hyping up map specific mechanics which they’ve yet to reveal. More details should be available soon given winter is just around the corner.

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