League Of Legends Odyssey Event, Everything You Need To Know

Yesterday Riot revealed one of the coolest skin lines that we have seen so far in League of Legends, the Odyssey skins. The awesome new skins, that undeniably took some inspiration from Guardians of the Galaxy, even come with their own PvE event. Here is everything that you need to know.

The champions that will receive new skins are Yasuo, Jinx, Malphite, Kayn, Sona, and Ziggs. Ziggs is quite surprising as he is not featured in the trailer which makes his skin seem like somewhat of an afterthought, although he might play an important role in the PvE event. All skins will be Epic skins, meaning that they will cost you 1350RP, except for Odyssey Kayn which is a legendary skin costing 1820RP.

Here are all the skin spotlights we have so far for the new skins, so you can check them out in game. The only ones missing right now are Kayn and Malphite.

Odyssey Jinx

Odyssey Sona
Odyssey Ziggs
Odyssey Yasuo

Besides new skins, a few other cosmetics are also added to the game that are centered around the new Odyssey event. These include:

Two new wards skins

Seven new emotes

A whole bunch of new summoner icons, both skin, and event-related.

The login theme for the event also sounds incredible. The music really embodies the space-gang’s craziness at first while moving to a more space-opera feeling later during the opening theme. Personally, I would’ve loved if they had kept the crazy guitar music going a little longer but most of the time you don’t spend enough time in the log-in screen to listen to the full music anyway.

Information on the new event that will come out with skins is relatively scarce so far. We know that it will be a 5-player co-op mode called Odyssey: Extraction that will take place on an entirely new map called Crash Site. From tutorial descriptions, we know that players will have to gather “Ora” from the wildlife with which they can rebuild their ship. Furthermore, while playing through Odyssey missions players will collect new upgrades, called Augments, with which they can upgrade their builds and become more powerful. You will also be able to revive fallen allies.

From the information that’s available, Odyssey sounds a bit like the Destiny or Warframe formula but applied to a MOBA game. You will land on strange planets where you will collect resources and upgrades while killing hostiles. The game mode and event sounds pretty exciting and is definitely a good way to keep the player base busy while everyone is waiting for Worlds 2018.

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