Epic Games To Host Fall Skirmish Fortnite Event With New $10 Million Prize Pool

Epic Games continues to invest heavily into Fortnite, this time introducing a sequel to the Summer Skirmish event – the “Fall Skirmish.” The new event will be giving out an even bigger prize pool of $10 million USD across six weeks!

For comparison, the Summer Skirmish awarded $8 million across eight weeks. Epic games is clearly upping the ante with this one, giving away significantly larger prizes in each individual weeks’ events.

The news comes from a Twitter post on their official account which has since racked up nearly 30 thousand likes and has been flooded with almost 5000 comments.


Epic Games is certainly trying their best to promote Fortnite as an eSports title. Given that this upcoming tournament will be their second big money event, it will be interesting to see how much the company w as able to learn from their previous event to create an even better experience for the Fall Skirmish.


The first several weeks of the Summer Skirmish saw a lot of technical issues as well as problems with gameplay format. Massive turtling in a major event does not make for an entertaining watch. It even led to a massive witch-hunt on a winner falsely accused of cheating.

Little by little, it seems they’ve been recognizing the source of some of these problems and have been quickly adapting the tournament and technical infrastructure to create a better eSports experience. Their PAX West tournament showcased some of these improvements as it was both exciting to watch and ran incredibly smooth.

The Fortnite crowd at PAX West. Image Source: Nick Statt / TheVerge

Epic Games has demonstrated this year that they’re trying to push the concept of “eSports” to new heights with Fortnite. Unlike its competitors that consist of only top pro players, Fortnite competitions regularly invite any individuals with high skill to participate in its events. In my humble opinion, this particular aspect of Fortnite tournaments alone make them worth following.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting more details on the event, and surely Epic Games will be providing more information in the coming days. As soon as we get more info, we’ll be sure to provide you a follow up. Stay tuned!


Featured Image Source: Dexerto

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