Blizzard Honors TotalBiscuit With Exclusive Starcraft 2 Cosmetics

On May 24, 2018, the gaming community tragically lost one of its most memorable member, John “TotalBiscuit” Cain. TotalBiscuit has helped introduce people to dozens of games and was often seen as a valuable member of the gaming community as a whole. One of those games for which he helped build popularity was Starcraft 2.

TotalBiscuit was one Starcrafts 2’s biggest fans and an advocate for the game. He helped Blizzard host tournaments, did casting, created a professional Starcraft 2 tournament, and introduced millions of people to the game. Now that he has passed away, the Starcraft 2 team has created a bundle of in-game cosmetics in his honor.

The cosmetics bundle is a limited time offer that will be available until it’s either sold out or until December 31, 2018, whichever comes first. The bundle’s proceeds will fully go to TotalBiscuit’s wife, Genna, and their son Orion. Proceeds made from the TotalBiscuit announcer pack will now also go to his family and this retroactively includes any announcer pack purchases made after April 2018.

This cosmetics bundle is a pretty classy way for Blizzard to honor TotalBiscuit as well as provide support to his family. For those that are unaware, TotalBiscuit’s widow, Genna Bain, is currently also undergoing chemotherapy procedures although she seems to be responding well to them. She definitely needs all the support that she can get so this action by Blizzard is probably more than welcome.

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