Overwatch Team With Banned FU Jersey Is Back With More FU Jerseys

Back in May, one Overwatch contenders team got into a bit of trouble due to their stellar sense of fashion. The team in question is Fusion University and the jerseys they wore were less than appreciated by the Overwatch League as they featured an enormous FU right in the middle. While the jerseys were teased on Twitter they were sadly never shown on stage as the team was not allowed to wear them and had to compete in black t-shirts instead.

Luckily it seems that the Overwatch University jersey designer is committed to the FU as their new jerseys featured a whole bunch of them. Before the team would appear in the Overwatch Contenders finals versus XL 2 Academy, which Fusion University won 4 to 0, they showed their new jerseys on Twitter.

While at first glance the jerseys seem a lot more innocent than the previous jerseys featuring the colossal FU, upon further inspection we can see that the team has gone for a much more subtle approach.

Yep, those are a whole bunch of FU’s on the jerseys, too many to count even. All these baby FUs are still as puntastic as the bombastic FU that we saw before, but the jerseys are now actually allowed to be on stage. Fusion University’s hashtag further confirms that they are fully committed to the FU joke, #GoFU.


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