Prison Architect Quietly Releases Hilarious Coop Play

Prison Architect was released as a single-player game that lets you design and maintain a high-security penitentiary. Although it’s hard to imagine how the game would work in a cooperative mode, the designers added it to the game anyway.

The addition of a multiplayer game mode was completely unannounced and a total surprise, although a very welcome one. The multiplayer mode is still in alpha, meaning that the developers are still testing it, using data that is observed from players playing the game. You can work together with up to 7 people, both friends, as well as random people found publicly. The game mode currently features a restricted version of the full game as the developers want to ensure that the core functions of the game are in order before adding all the unnecessary but fun extras.

Some of the most popular functions that are currently missing wire connections, prison grading, reports, and emergency callouts. Although you will still be able to control emergency callouts, you will just not be able to call them in. For other functions that are missing and more information, you can check the full update that has been provided by the developers. The video is a bit long but as hilarious as always.

Prison Architect is one of those games that sound extremely dull and weird on paper but that you just have to give a go. It’s an incredibly enjoyable simulator game that you can make as fun and ridiculous as you please. The game is also still receiving updates from its developers so it just keeps getting better and better over time.

Prison Architect is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch and will generally cost you around $25, however, the price can depend a bit on on-going sales or how many expansions you buy together with the base game.

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