Dragalia Lost Story Trailer Mixes Things Up With A Twist

Nintendo has released their first story trailer for Dragalia Lost, their upcoming mobile game made together with studio Crygames, which will be released for mobile phones in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau on September 27.

The trailer is branded as a story trailer and Nintendo has taken that very literally. The trailer basically starts by explaining some basic information that is commonly seen in these types of JRPG trailers. The main character is a teenager that has been given the task of saving the kingdom, a completely original story for a JRPG. He is joined by his sister, a childhood friend, a paladin, and some people he meets on the way. These companions will aide him on his quest on saving the kingdom by rekindling an ancient alliance between the kingdom and the dragons.


Now, up until this point, everything sounds fairly normal. This is basically a story trailer for the most generic JRPG story you could possibly get. However, Nintendo flips the script around by revealing a plot twist within the trailer. Suddenly, the Kingdom has burned down and your brothers and sister blame you making you an outcast and traitor of the realm. The only loyal family member you had seems to have been killed or has been locked up, which is where the trailer ends.


This twist makes things a lot more interesting if the game actually takes off from where the trailer ends. If the story we saw in the trailer is literally the story that we play through in the game, this is probably the worst trailer that has ever been created. A twist like this is normally reserved for somewhere in the middle of the story but, instead, Nintendo seems to start off the game with a plot twist.

Although the plot twist shakes things up a bit, Dragalia Lost is still looking like a very generic JRPG, however, this is already more than most mobile games can achieve storywise. If Nintendo and Crygames pull this game off it could be a very successful entry into the mobile gaming market for Nintendo.

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