Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Anthem, Untitled Goose Game & More

Weekly Trailer Round-Up: Anthem, Untitled Goose Game & More

Here again with our weekly best of what’s been birthed into the gaming trailer world this week. BioWare went all out with a triple A blowout for Anthem, while we’ve got the usual selection of curious indie efforts, a strangely named game about a goose, and a couple of envelope-pushing survival sims. Let’s dive in boys and girls.


The anticipation surrounding Anthem isn’t just palpable, it’s visceral and BioWare’s trailer gives us a first glimpse of how the game melds a primarily multiplayer game with a personal narrative adventure. The world and enemies are tackled as a squad, yet each player will experience the game in a unique manner through what appear to be interesting NPC characters, story defining choices, and a world rich with intrigue. ‘A reinvention of personal narrative in a multiplayer game’ as the trailer puts. If anything, the trailer reinforces how gorgeous Anthem is.


Devolver Digital’s convict reality show survival game, Scum, released in Early Access last week and to mark the event a launch trailer was released. Told as a holiday destination infomercial over a bed of jazzy elevator music, the trailer basically list the game’s features, but does so in a manner that should prove appetizing to anyone who’s yet to taste the delectable delights of Scum.

Untitled Goose Game

Sitting somewhere between Donut County and Metal Gear Solid, Untitled Goose Game (seriously, that’s what it’s called) is a game about a mischievous goose who marauds around a peaceful village being a pest and ruining the lives of the inhabitants. Our goose hero is endowed with the gift of stealth and creeping up on unwitting victims to perform pesky pranks forms a huge part of the game. Untitled Goose Game launches in early 2019 and to say we aren’t intrigued would be a barefaced lie.

Green Hell

Green Hell is another of your customary survival games, except this time you get to see how you fare in the depth of the Amazonian jungle with all the pitfalls such a locale entails. Taking the genre to new heights in terms of realism, Green Hell is about weathering a world intent on your demise from both a physical sustenance angle, but also the psychological toll of trying to stay alive alone. Basics like starting fires, hunting, and crafting are covered, but it’s also got leeches, tropical ailments, aggressive wildlife, and of course a gang of weirdos sporting skeleton costumes conjured up by your own human-interaction-graving mind. As much about staying fed as staying sane, find a way out of the rain forest or die trying. Green Hell is available now on Steam Early Access.

Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Ever wondered about the story behind the mustachioed guy who constantly gets at you for forcing your way into his house? Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek has got your covered. A sequel to the titular game, it explores what appears to be a story of familial calamity and a man’s descent from a content family man to an embittered villain. The expansion retains much of the light-horror aspect with children playing games of questionable moral value and fantastical worlds. As it stands, what this entails remains vague. Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek‘s release is planned for December this year.


Unveiled at PAX West, UnDungeon gets us to question the nature of reality and the very fabric of the universe we claim to understand. Part RPG, part rogue-like action hack and slash, UnDungeon’s pixel art style tells the age old story of saving the world or conversely allowing it to perish into calamitous disrepair. 7 different dimensional iterations of planet earth have converged into into one, and is causing a boatload of trouble for everyone. Players must contend with a variety of enemies and detailed levels while following a sci-fi/fantasy narrative arc. There’s a lot more to the lore and the video does well to shed light on what’s going on. UnDungeon launches, well, we don’t know right now.

The Bradwell Conspiracy

Stylized as a recruitment advertisement for a corporate behemoth, the trailer is a peek into the odd world of The Bradwell Conspiracy. It’s hard to describe; players must get to the bottom of a corporate conspiracy that is somehow linked to the mystery of Stonehenge and strange lights emanating from the moon, while simultaneously trying to escape a secret facility where a world changing water-based tech is being developed, all set during the Summer Solstice in the year 2026. Got it? A ‘The Stanley Parable’ vibe unquestionably courses through what we know of the game, which is no bad thing indeed. We’re very confused, and we can’t wait to play The Bradwell Conspiracy.

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