Git Gud At PUBG By Using AR And DMR Combo Instead Of 2 ARs

In PUBG, there are 3 main types of weapons: AR (Assault Rifles), SR (Sniper Rifles) and DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). What’s the best carry combo? Use 1 AR, 1 DMR or 2 ARs? Is SR/DMR always a must have? You can mount Scope 4x, 6x on SR like on DMR, are they interchangeable? Let’s find out.

Here’s an AKM, an AR and Mini-14, a DMR. While AKM is the AR with the highest damage, Mini-14 is the DMR that has lowest damage.

Within the range of below 100m, AKM is much superior to Mini-14 and is often used to push. But it’s different when the range is greater than 100m now that Mini-14 can deal much more damage. The difference is so significant that you might want to put it into account when choosing between an AR and a DMR.

Now to take another example, let’s talk about M16A4 vs SKS.

This comparison is not about the damage as SKS deals more damage in any range than M16A4 does but it is to once again confirm that DMRs are superior to Ars in long range combat.

Within the range of below 100m, SKS’ damage is increased when M16A4’s damage goes down remarkably. Up to 200m, both gun’s damage now fall off but still, a SKS would perform better than a M16A4 with about 15.5 damage difference.

To summarize, it is recommended have both AR and DMR for the ever-changing situations you encounter in PUBG.

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