5 Tips To On How To Win PUBG In The Final Round

Things get tense in the ending moments of a PUBG match. We’ve got you covered with some tips on how to make the most of it and give yourself the best chance at that chicken dinner.

1. Stick with the gun with highest damage you have

In the final round, it is not necessary to have a sniper rifle with extremely high damage in your inventory because all players are close by now. It is better for players to have high damage weapons that are good in close range combat such as an assault rifle.


These two are very strong for the final round

2. Drop unnecessary items

When the battle of life and death comes so close, you should do everything possible to increase your survivability. This includes you dropping unnecessary items from your backpack or even the backpack itself for easier hiding by proning (laying on the ground).

A gun and its ammo should be enough for the final round

3. Get to the playzone as soon as possible

Why? Because the sooner you reach the playzone the faster you can find yourself a hiding spot. It could be hard to hide in desert map but you still have the upper hand being in the playzone first. But keep in mind that when there are so many players remain, you might be surrounded and become an easy target there.


May this be one of the best spots ever

4. Stock up on grenades for the round

Grenades are essential for the final round, so make sure you have some saved. You can throw grenades while prone and enemy can hardly detect where you are whether it’s a hit or a miss. This is important because when you fire a shot, the enemy can pick up on where the rounds are coming from. With a grenade its just… BOOM! “WTF?! Where did that come from!?!”

5. Aim carefully

Of course this is a must for everyone throughout the entire game, but it bears repeating. If you shoot first and miss, your target will likely know where you are and you’ve blown your chance. Take a breath, steady yourself, aim, and fire. Blind firing all over the place won’t win during the final moments of the game.

Do the math first


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