Vitality And Schalke 04 Play The First EU LCS Semifinal Tonight

The EU LCS semifinals are going to kick off tonight with the match between Vitality and Schalke 04. This match should bring a whole lot of hype and excitement so here is everything you need to know before the game kicks off tonight.

The most exciting part about the new matchup is that no matter which team wins, we will have a completely new contender for the EU LCS trophy during the finals next year. Most EU LCS finals are between G2 and Fnatic who have long been the most dominant teams in the region, so the opportunity for either of these teams to stand in the finals is absolutely huge. Vitality almost made the finals last split and are thus on the road to redemption, whereas Schalke 04 has never been this high in the standings before and are hungry for more.

There are going to be a few exciting matchups between the two teams but the highlight will most likely be in the mid lane, wher0e will see Jizuke versus Nukeduck. This matchup should prove very exciting as Jizuke has proven time upon time again that he is one of the best mid laners and despite being relatively new to the competitive environment.

Nukeduck, on the other hand, is a veteran player that never managed to quite leave his mark on the competitive stage. Other players would constantly comment on his exceptional skill during practice but it never translated to the big stage. Both players are in excellent shape and desperately want to get to the finals so expect an explosive matchup.

Other matchups to watch out for are in the top lane and bot lane. The top lane matchup will be between Cabochard and Vizicsacsi who are both extremely skilled top laners. In the bottom lane, we have Upset versus Attila. Both players are skilled AD carry players and like to play extremely aggressive so this matchup could really turn into a huge back and forth between both players.

The winner of this game will claim the first spot in the finals, with the other spot being decided tomorrow between Fnatic and Misfits. The loser will have another shot at redemption during the 3rd place match that is also being held next week. It’s important for both teams to do well so that they can accumulate as much championship points as possible since the second team to go to worlds is determined by the number of championship points. The match will start at 6:00 PM CEST.


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