Netizens May Have Just Discovered Playstation 5 Codename ‘Erebus’

An article on IGN has brought to light the findings of Gemüsepizza, a Resetera user who may have just discovered the codename for PlayStation 5! Seems like the PS5 might be codenamed “Erebus.”

Gemüsepizza tinkered a bit in the backend of Unreal Engine 4’s and found that a new listing has been added to a section full of operating systems. The list includes the expected PS4, Xbox, Switch, Android, IOS, and at the bottom, “Erebus.” Here’s a screenshot of his findings.

Image Source: Resetera

Here’s another picture of it side-by-side with the PS4 and Xbox.

Image Source: Resetera

Why Erebus? A quick Wikipedia search reveals that Erebus was part of Greek mythology, considered to be one of the first five beings in existence. “Five” as in PlayStation 5?

The last three PlayStation releases were also codenamed after Greek mythological characters:

  1. PS4 – Orbis
  2. PS4 – Neo
  3. PS VR – Morpheus

This being the case, it would make the most sense for Erebus to be another Sony system, as opposed to a new system for any other developer.

VG247 discussed these findings with someone familiar with the Unreal Engine to explain the two screenshots. Here’s how their first source broke it down:

“It looks like it’s hinting at a new console. In engines you tend to have like a bunch of values to tell you which platform you’re on because they all need to run slightly differently.”

“The [first] screenshot is just the value being set. And the second one is a little bit of code that looks like it’s adding cross platform play.”

While it’s impossible to confirm anything just off of what we know so far, given the Greek naming, it just seems logical for whatever system it may be to be related to Sony.

UPDATE 8/31 11am Hong Kong Time: Welp, it looks as if the Internet could be wrong! When has that ever happened?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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