Here’s How To Get The Free Nano Cola D.Va Skin In Overwatch

To celebrate the release of the cinematic short Shooting Star featuring D.Va and the release of the new map Busan, D.Va will receive a new skin and a bunch of new sprays that players can unlock for free. That’s right, this is the first skin in Overwatch for which you won’t need to lucky with loot boxes or pay up.

The skin, called Nano Cola D.Va giver her and her Mech a completely new looks which comes in the form of a green coat of paint that slowly fades to blue with some pink accents. Although the skin doesn’t come with the most bells and whistles, it actually looks really good. Besides, does it really matter what a free skin looks like if it’s free? Everyone is gonna get it anyway.


Actually unlocking the skin might require a little bit of effort but it honestly shouldn’t be too bad. You can potentially do it only 9 wins if you’re good at the game or just extremely lucky. All you have to do to unlock the skin and the other rewards is to win a total of 9 games in competitive, quick play, or even the arcade. The system essentially works the same as the 9-win system in the arcade, where every three wins grants you with a reward but this time the system is in place for any game mode.


The tiers are as follows. For the first three wins, you will be rewarded with 2 exclusive Nano Cola D.Va sprays. After your second 3 wins, you will be rewarded with a players icon. And after your third 3 wins, you will be rewarded with the Nano Cola skin. This is honestly really easy and something that almost every player will be able to get.

Besides these rewards though, Blizzard is also giving out a few other exclusive sprays that can only be earned through watching streams with Overwatch partners. For every 2 hours of watching partnered Overwatch streams, you will receive a new set of stickers up until 8 hours, which is the last ticket reward tier. If you have watched 8 hours and then watch anymore you won’t receive any new rewards, but if you like watching those streams than who’s stopping you. For more information on this system and the stream schedule, check the official Blizzard guide here.

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