European Team OG Claims Victory At Dota 2 The International

This weekend, European team OG beat China’s PSG.LGD team at the biggest Dota 2 event of the year – The International 2018. In doing so, they claimed a massive $11 million USD prize pot! The huge prize money is no joke – it’s literally a record setting number making it the biggest prize pot in all of e-sports.

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Since the beginning of the tournament PSG.LGD was a fan-favorite team heavily favored to win the finals. Match after match, they displayed a level of coordination and mechanical skill that was reliably top class. Meanwhile, OG was largely seen as an underdog throughout the tournament due to the fact it featured a seemingly bizarre roster thrown together at the last minute. Most analysts assumed their matches would be completely one sided – they couldn’t have been more wrong.

The two teams fought for the grand prize in an epic best out of five match series. Shockingly, PSG.LGD and OG both matched up evenly with each grabbing two wins forcing a tie-breaking game 5 showdown. The final match seemed to be going according to expectations with PSG.LGD completely dominating the first half of the game. As the game continued, however, Team OG’s carry Ana, kept on getting stronger. PSG.LGD devoted all of their resources to taking him out, but Ana kept managing to just barely come out alive from each battle.

In the end, thanks to amazing support from his team, Team OG’s Ana managed to become a monster carry that PSG.LGD was not able to deal with late game. The failure to have an answer to Ana paved the way for Team OG’s crazy upset and victory over PSG.LGD.

It was a thrilling finale and definitely worth watching if you weren’t able to do so due to time-zone differences. You can check out the entire set of matches below. Just a word of advice, it’s an 11-hour long stream so make sure to set aside a solid block of time to watch it all.

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