New FFBE Deus Ex Collab Adam Jensen Guide And Review

The Final Fantasy Brave Exvius X Deus Ex collaboration has just begun! With it comes Adam Jensen, a unit with an incredibly special skillset. Given his unique abilities, is he worth spending some resources on? Here’s my take on that question.

Adam Jensen

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Adam Jensen is a self-sufficient physical damage dealer and his passive traits definitely support his role. He gets innate dual wield and 20% ATK with Mechanical Augmentations pretty much from the get go. He gets resistances to poison, disease, and blind. Adam also enjoys an impressive 10% MP auto-refresh with Energy Converter. This is particularly useful as he does have some rather mana intensive abilities.

Active Abilities

As I mentioned earlier, Adam Jensen’s kit is pretty unique making him a very interesting unit. He comes with a strong ST 3-turn 60% DEF break with Wall Breaker and a ST 45% 3-turn Full Break with Smart Vision making him a solid breaker in fights against a single unit. On top of his break abilities, he’s also a good pick to take against machine-type enemies. He has Wideband Frequency-Jammer

which is a 1x damaging strike that boosts his damage to mechanical enemies by 100% for 3 turns. A lot of machine-type enemies are weak to lightning – Adam Jensen just happens to have a 6 hit lightning attack called TESLA which has a decent 3.5x coefficient and comes with a 50% lightning imperil.

One of his most unique moves is “Implanted Rebreather.” This ability basically cures him from all ailments and makes him resistant to all of them for three turns. This isn’t your typical “all ailments” definition either – it cures/prevents EVERY ailment and debuff including stop, charm, breaks, and all of the regular status ailments for 3 turns.

Adam is the first global unit to get a “barrier” skill. These skills provide a shield that enemies need to break through in order to actually deal HP damage to them. Adam’s ability is called TITAN, which gives him a 3500 HP shield for 3 turns.

At 7 star, he gets two cooldown moves that deal massive fire damage. Explosive Heat Blade is a 5-turn CD move available on turn 5 that is a strong ST fire finisher attack with a 12x coefficient. In addition to the big damage, it also comes with a 3-turn 100% fire imperil. His other fire CD move is “Typhoon Explosive System” which is available on turn 1 and has a 6-turn cooldown. It also deals 12x damage but is spread across 12 hits and chains perfectly with Tornado. This ability also comes with its own imperil, but unlike Explosive Heat Blade, this one is only 75%.

Adam also gets another machine killing move at level 110 – Remote Hacking. This 5-turn CD move becomes available at turn 5 and it deals a 17x damage attack while also boosting damage against mechanical monsters by 75% for 1 turn.

Limit Burst

Adam Jensen’s Limit Burst is a 1-hit finishing move called Icarus Dash – Charged Dash that at 7-star max level deals 10.4x damage with 50% DEF ignore. It also comes with a strong 100% lightning imperil for 3 turns.


Adam’s TMR, TF29 Agent, is a top tier physical damage ability that provides a huge damage boost to dual wielding units. It provides a flat 20% equipment ATK as well as 30% ATK for wielding any of the following weapon types: gun, sword, throwing weapon, and fist. If you use any combination of these, the effect will stack totaling up to 60% ATK. It’s so far the only TMR that grants “+ equipment ATK” for dual wielders.

His STMR, Jensen’s Trenchcoat, is also a physical damage dealer piece of gear. It’s a cloth armor that provides +35 ATK, + 20 DEF, and +20 SPR. It also comes with a +50% ATK if you’re wielding a gun.


Adam Jensen is hands down one of the coolest units to be added to the game. He has a unique skillset with a ton of different abilities for a variety of situations. He’s got breaks, an HP barrier, able to self-cure himself of breaks/stop/charm/all-ailments, he can chain with Tornado users, and he’s a extremely powerful against machine-type enemies with his machine killing traits and abilities.

Does his unique kit warrant dropping resources for him? If you’re a free-to-play player, I’d say he’s really not worth it if you’re really looking to build the best possible team to clear most challenges. For machine killing units, there are other units that can do a decent enough job that aren’t limited-time units. Olive definitely comes to mind. A 7-star Olive friend is basically what allowed me to clear the new “Ancient Hellbringer” trial.

If you’ve got money to spend, he’s definitely worth pulling at least one for his TMR. For future units that can make use of the four weapon types, his TMR will definitely BiS for a very long time. 60% ATK plus 20% EQ Attack on a single ability slot is unheard of. Even factoring later items that we can see in the Japanese version of the game, Adam’s TMR holds up until today.

Ultimately, if you’re a big fan of Deus Ex, just throw drop the lapis for the guy. It’s not every day Deus Ex gets a collab with a popular game, so this might be your only chance to see them outside of a new Deus Ex game!


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