Twitch To Broadcast Nearly Every Single Pokemon Episode And Movie

You read the heading right folks, Twitch has joined forces with The Pokémon Company to do an insane Pokémon marathon where they will be airing nearly 1000 episodes and 16 movies! According to an article on Polygon, this crazy run will feature 19 seasons worth of episodes as well as 16 movies. It seems the company is going all out with this event as well, as they’ve actually spent the time to create unique Pokémon Twitch badges that viewers can collect by watching the series.


TechCrunch has stated that the series will be aired on “TwitchPresents.” People tuning in to watch the show will see an overlay that the company is calling “Twitch Presents: Pokémon Badge Collector.” This overlay is an interactive feature that will provide viewers an opportunity to collect Pokémon Twitch badges. The more badges you collect, the higher you rank on a leaderboard. So far, there isn’t any word on what the top leaderboard scorers get, if anything.

Here’s an example of the overlay. Image Source: Tech Crunch

In a statement about the launch, Twitch’s director of business development, Jane Weedon, noted the following:

“The Twitch community has a passion for Pokémon based on the warm embrace the series received when we celebrated the brand’s 20th anniversary, as well as the cultural milestone that was set when over a hundred thousand Twitch members played Pokémon together.”

A hundred thousand people is no small number. It will be interesting to see what kind of concurrent viewer numbers this marathon will be able to put out. Given the massive success of “Twitch Plays Pokémon,” there’s a high chance that Twitch may see more than one record broken with the Pokémon marathon.

The fun starts August 27 at 10 AM PDT beginning with the very first episode of the series. Don’t miss it!


Featured Image Source: SGcafe

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