Super Mario Party Has Cooperative Rafting Game Mode

Nintendo has released a new video in which they demonstrate a cooperative game mode in the upcoming Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. Although most of the content in Mario party games is fairly competitive and is often dubbed as the breaker of friendships, this new game mode was specifically designed to have everyone working together.

Although the treehouse footage has a few cuts here and there to keep the video a bit short, you can definitely get the general gist of the game mode just by watching. You work together in order to make your way to the end of the river while playing minigames to extend the timer that you have to complete the course.


Although the people playing made it look fairly simple, it’s probably going to be a chaotic mess when played at any party. People will be pedaling when they shouldn’t be and vice-versa. It doesn’t help that there are tons of obstacles and moving objects either and I suspect a lot of parties to never even make the finish line.

What really makes the game mode shine though is that they have introduced some new fun minigames in which you work together rather than compete. Although minigames are one of the most enjoyable parts of Mario party, it can also be extremely frustrating when you know that losing a minigame means losing all your stars and the entire round. Instead, the co-op minigames that they showed looked a lot more relaxing as you’re all working together to beat a timer rather than working against each other.

Overal, it’s pretty exciting that we are getting a new Mario Party. Although the games are never the highlight of the system that they come out on, they are one of the games that you can just keep coming back to. Super Mario Party will come out on the Nintendo Switch on October  5 which means that it’s going to be the perfect game to play with your friends while you’re waiting for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to drop.

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