Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Re-release Comes Out In October

Nintendo has announced that the original Luigi’s Mansion will make a comeback on the Nintendo 3DS. It will release in America on October 12 and in Europe on October 19.

Luigi’s Mansion was originally released for the Nintendo Gamecube in 2001. The game was rather well-received although it was never the most amazing game on the system. Nevertheless, a whole bunch of young Nintendo fans fell in love with the whimpering mansion explorer, and a new generation of Luigi fans was born. Although the game was quite short in length, it was enough to cement itself as one of the staple games of the Nintendo Gamecube and one that would be remembered.

Re-releasing the game on the Nintendo 3DS is also quite fitting as that is the system on which Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon was launched, which is the only other Luigi’s Mansion game that was made. It takes everything that was great from the first game but amps up the variety and length of the game by introducing 5 completely unique mansions to explore. Since the game sold well Nintendo now knows that there is an audience for Luigi’s Mansion on the 3DS so they might as well re-release the original one, I’m pretty sure that Nintendo fans won’t mind anyway.

Hopefully, we see more games in this franchise in the future as the gameplay feels very unique and it’s just nice to play as the other Mario brother for once. With the technology of the Nintendo Switch, they could make the mansions larger and more varied than they have ever been before.

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