5 Moments Where LOL Pros Let Trash Talking Go Just A Little Too Far

Trash talking is not so strange in eSports, especially in League of Legends. It has become a part of the community and the pro scene too and boy have some of the pro players embraced it. Below are the most shocking trash talking moments of League pros.


Doublelift is one of the most excellent marksman players of North America. He is talented, confident, he has achieved a lot but also made too much fuss by making too serious and unnecessary claims other pro players.

And the most shocking statement is: “Everyone else is trash!”


Right after Doublelift is Warzone – a mid player of EVOS team, Vietnam. Warzone is known as a rising talent since his performance in VCS, where he helped EVOS win many important matches which led the team to MSI 2018.

At the biggest mid-season tournament, Warzone made a comment that upset many League players: “I ain’t afraid of any fucking player” after EVOS’ win against Turkish team SUP.


Right after the ban for his toxic behaviours while playing ranked is lifted, he joined Cloud9 and became one of the best players of North America.

And when the team finally made it to League of Legends World Championship, being in the same group with SKT – the strongest team in the world at that moment, Faker’s team, Jensen somehow disrespected Faker on his page.

Then we all know what happened. Faker destroyed C9 and Jensen in the tournament.


GODV was a prodigy of League of Legends in China. He was very high skills then became so full of himself and his career ended because of that.

People now seem to remember of him not for his skills but his silly comment: “Faker never beat me, in practice”.

GODV has switched to PUBG and recently attended PUBG World Championship.


Once again, it’s Faker under attack, this time by PawN – the champion of World Championship 2014 & MSI 2015.

Beating Faker in the finals of MSI 2018 3-2, PawN took aim at Faker in an interview: “I only need to use 70-80% of what I have to beat Faker.”

It made PawN much less cool in the community’s eyes. Even worse, he got to hear a lot of criticism whenever EGD/kt loses to SKT. He is made fun of by his very own saying.

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