WATCH: SKT Pirean Gets Flamed, Irate SKT Bang Jumps To Defense

SKT Bang and SKT Pirean were duoing together when the latter got flamed by a member of the opposing team, Twitch Murthhlol, for going 0/9/2 during a previous LCK match. Bang wasn’t happy about this and you can see him visibly bothered about the incident while on stream.

About 10 minutes into the game, Twitch Murthhlol typed in all-chat, “Pire09an,” a not-so-subtle  jab at Pirean’s 0/9/2 KDA in a match against Kingzone. While Pirean responded with a simple smiley emote, Bang clearly wasn’t too comfortable with the attack on his fellow teammate


At 26 minutes into the game, Twitch Murthhlol continued flaming, this time with a comment attacking both Bang and Pirean. In English, Murthhlol noted, “Bang, do you hate yourself? Why would u duo with such a worthless mid-laner.”

At this point, Bang couldn’t contain his anger and responded saying, “Don’t play in Korea, go back to your server.”

Twitch Murthhlol originally hails from EUW but has been living in South Korea for the past year or so. Apparently, he’s rather infamous as a toxic streamer and has already been banned from Twitch for his antics.


At nearly 30 minutes into the game, Murthhlol continues taunting the two players saying, “hm, better send Pirean back to NA.” At this point, Bang mutes him.

Despite the toxicity, it seems the guy does have skills though – Bang and Pirean were not able to claim victory in that match as Murthhlol went a perfect 15/0/7 on Evelynn greatly helping his team to win the game.

Once the match was over, Bang instantly reported him for his toxic behavior. Hopefully Riot takes note of this guy and does something about it.

For those of you who want to see Bang’s reaction to the trolling, check out this video that has been clipped to just include the moments I described.

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