Amazon Changes Amazon And Twitch Prime For The Worse

Twitch owner Amazon is making some radical changes to its prime system going forward in the year. They are removing two features from their prime package that were extremely popular among gamers. The entire ordeal feels like a campaign targeted to get even more money out of gamers.


The first change that Amazon is making is that it’s removing preorder discount from their website. You used to be able to preorder games and you would receive a 20 percent discount if you were a prime member, which makes for quite a substantial difference if you’re the kind of person who buys a ton of games. This system will be gone on August 28 and instead will be replaced by some store credits. After you have preordered a game you will receive $10 dollars worth of store credit that you will have to spend within 60 days otherwise it’s gone.

The other change that they are making is that they are changing Twitch Prime from being ad-free to having ads. This is probably the change that irks people the most as for a lot of them the entire point of having Twitch Prime was in order to avoid seeing ads while still support content creators. Now you will have to subscribe to Twitch Turbo in order to be ad-free, but you will not get the cool freebies that you got with Twitch Prime.


If you are a really dedicated Twitch user this would mean that you would have to get Prime to get the freebies, as well as Turbo, to watch add free which will end up in a monthly $18,99 fee which is ridiculously high and something that probably no one will get.

Needless to say, reactions on the internet have been far from positive regarding this entire ordeal, especially regarding Twitch Prime. It seems like a lot of users have already decided to cancel their subscription to Prime and would rather just subscribe to the few streamers that they are really dedicated too. I don’t doubt that a whole bunch of people will just start using adblocker again. Some streamers on the platform have already spoken against this change as well, so the general consensus is that it’s a pretty awful cash grab.

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