Top 5 LOL Jungle Champions That Can Turn Team Fights Around

These League of Legends Jungle Champions have been nerfed or buffed at various times, but that hasn’t changed their ability to have an impact in team fights.

1. Lee Sin

Lee Sin used to be much stronger than he is now. Riot has nerfed him many times, targeting his jungle clearing speed and his ultimate’s damage. But that does not change what he can do in team fights.

Lee Sin is many players’ favorite champion because of his varying play styles. With his ultimate, Lee Sin can reposition core champion of enemy team to where your team is. There are many things you can do to make a good combo with it to give your team advantage: Q, warding, Flash R, R Flash. Whether if enemy Lee Sin in your match farm well or not, be cautious of him in team fights.

2. Gragas

He was kind of fallen to the “forgotten realm” when Graves, Kindred, Camille were too popular. But then two waves of changes came and now he is back to the scene.

What Gragas is strong for in team fights is his ability to initiate fast like a flash and to disrupt enemy team’s formation. You might want to pick Gragas in a lineup built around a marksman. Use his combo then Flash instantly and use R to push back every enemy champion except for your target. This is the key to win you a team fight so be careful!

3. Nocturne

Nocturne can reduce enemy champions’ sight radius then move toward his target to deal damage being at an advantage. You can get Nocturne items that give him more damage and then make use of his movement ability to take on more than one target at almost the same time in team fights. You can use Nocturne along with Shen, that is one hell of a combination as Shen can really help boost Nocturne’s capabilities.

4. Camille

Camille is often played as a top lane champion but her kit is a good fit for jungling, it looks like Demacia – Jarvan IV’s somehow. So why it is Camille that makes it to this list and not Demacia?

That’s because what Camille can do in a team fight is much more impactful than what Demacia can. Camille is able to initiate a team fight by using E+Flash which is to stun her target from afar. Her ultimate is capable of stopping target enemy champion from getting out of the effect area (by Flash or any ability) while knocking away nearby enemies. This all makes Camille a perfect assassin and also a perfect initiator, the one that can turn a team fight’s situation like a piece of cake.

5. Hecarim

If you think that Hecarim is in this list as he can scare off his enemies by the way he looks and that he can rush into team fights like a real horse, you are wrong!

The fact is that Hecarim gets a lot from Predator rune of Domination rune path. Here’s how Hecarim can change a team fight’s outcome: activate the rune then with Trinity Force equipped, with speed, position him well and then make the move from behind. Getting attacked unexpectedly, Hecarim’s enemies could not react instantly, you can also use his E to stop the their movements for a short period of time. You might want to consider this set of items to boost Hecarim’s attack damage tremendously and be able to finish off your target champion quickly: Trinity Force + Youmuu’s Ghostblade + Duskblade of Draktharr.

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