You Can Now Play A 2D Fighting Game In Warframe

The developers of Warframe have decided to add another completely unnecessary but extremely fun feature, this comes in the form of a fighting game called Frame Fighter. The fighting game has been implemented in the game as a “lunchtime project” of the developers and through the hard work of a Warframe fan. Furthermore, it is completely free.

In order to be able to play this new fighting game, you will have to purchase the Ludoplex. This is basically an arcade machine that will let you play the new fighting game as well as two other minigames that were previously present in the game but hard to find. You can purchase this machine from Cephalon Simaris for 50,000 affinity, which is quite a bit but long-time players will probably have thing lying around for no reason.


Once you have the arcade machine though, you are not quite finished yet. The base game will only come with the 3 starting frames that you can select at the beginning of your adventure, namely Excalibur, Mag, and Volt. If you want to unlock all the o ther frames it’s time to start making your way through the Star Chart once again. In order to get them, you have to scan warframe fragments that are scattered throughout the galaxy. The fragments will belong to a specific Warframe that you can then use in the fighting game. If you own the prime version of a warframe, you can instead play with the prime skin version.


Although you have to grind a bit to actually unlock the fighting game and the characters, it’s not really extremely difficult. All you have to do is scan enemies for your Cephelon Simaris standing and to look in every nook and cranny for a possible Warframe fragment. The Reddit community has already quickly put together a list of where you can find all the warframe fragments, so if you’re looking to use a specific warframe check the thread here.

Content like this is why Warframe is stronger than ever after 5 years and why so many fans are so passionate about the game and the development team. No players asked for this feature to be implemented but the devs did it anyway, and like everything in Warframe, it cost absolutely nothing.

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