Final Fantasy 14 Players Are Randomly Losing Their Houses

Owning a house in Final Fantasy XIV is something that you have to work towards, players put in many hours in order to build their houses and in order to customize them the way that they want. However, now it turns out that players are randomly losing their houses and nothing is done about the issue.

Compared to most games, owning a house in Final Fantasy XIV is not simply building the house and being done with it. The developers want people to live in a neighborhood and to have active neighbors, which means that the houses have a demolition timer of 45 days, although some people claim that it has gone down to 30 days. What this does is that if you don’t log in for 45, or 30, days your house will be removed from the server on which it was a built and a new person can claim your spot.

However, this system seems to be bugged recently as a whole bunch of Reddit threads have started appearing of players whose houses simply disappeared. These people all play on a frequent basis and will have recently logged in but will still lose their house. Some players have even lost their houses while being online in the game. Since it takes many hours and a lot of effort to get a house in the first place, it’s needless to say that these players are devastated.

A Redditor by the name of ReverendSpanky also had his house deleted for no reason and contacted Square Enix support about this issue. According to him, Square Enix is aware of the bug and admitted that he had used his house appropriately in the past few days. However, they still refused to give him back his house even though it was not his fault that it completely disappeared.

Hearing that the developers know about the issue but are not helping the players getting their houses back is very disheartening, to say the least. Most Final Fantasy XIV players spend hours upon hours to build their perfect dream house which could now be randomly deleted in an instance.

I highly advise all players to log in every day and to check if your house is still there. Although it’s a bug and your house could suddenly disappear, be sure be as active as possible in hopes to prevent this from happening. Hopefully, Square Enix can fix the issue soon instead of wiping it under the rug.

If you want to help with investigating this issue or you have extra information to add be sure the check out this thread.

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