9 Must-See Trailers From The Past Week

8 Must-See Trailers From The Past Week

We’re back again, sorting the good from the bad, with 9 trailers from the past week that are well worth a watch. We’ve got indie games to triple AAAs, by way of VR and a few sure to tug on those heart strings.

Spider Man Gameplay Trailer

Less than a month away from release, Insomniac Games has pushed out a game play trailer for their web-slinging acrobatic Spider Man title. This isn’t so much game play as carefully curated cut-scenes interspersed with insane aerial maneuvers, stopping helicopters from crashing into the streets of New York, and obnoxiously witty dialogue.


We love games pushing the boundaries of what can be a very claustrophobic industry with overused tropes and concepts. Anamorphine tries it’s hand at a cerebral take on what it means to face your demons and confront the weighty hurdles of existence. A surreal game about the past’s influence on the future and an original portrayal of the struggles of mental health issues.


An Australian coffee shop serving one final caffeinated brew to the dead. Why not? Looks intriguing and has an beautiful anime-style aesthetic. Not sure about the name though.



Wow. Just watch. Gris gives off a definitive Journey vibe with defined, stunning backdrops. Dubbed a puzzler/platformer, Gris seems more akin to an emotional experience than anything else. Story wise, a young girl struggles with the sorrows of life personified by her dress, which evolves and changes as she navigates an enchantingly fragile and detailed world.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Gameplay

Another day, another FPS shooter. However, Insurgency: Sandstorm looks to be one of the most realistic and hardcore tactical efforts yet and if the original Insurgency is anything to go by it marks a welcome change from the over-the-top, bombastic style of the Call of Duties of this world.

A Fisherman’s Tale

A whimsical VR take on the travails of a lonely lighthouse keeper, A Fisherman’s Tale promises a sense defying adventure where things may not be quite what they seem and where ‘being turned upside down and inside out is not merely a play on words’. We just hope the VR headset doesn’t recreate sea sickness.


We’ve had our eye on SCUM for a while now. It promises to be one of the most in-depth takes on the open-world survival genre where players must manage a ridiculous amount of variables from food consumption, metabolism, blood levels, vitamins, teeth, combat expertise, and so on. The whole thing is housed under a TV game show narrative where players must survive on an island with the eyes of millions watching. The August 29th early access is welcome news given the game was already delayed, but it may be one to leave on the keep-an-eye-on list for the time being until teething (get it?) issues are ironed out.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer

We’ll throw this one in for good measure for those who, for some strange reason, completely missed out on last week’s biggest news. Red Dead Redemption 2 is looking mighty fine at this point. October can’t arrive soon enough.

Doom Eternal Gameplay Trailer

And this one, just because it’s unmissable.

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