FFBE Unit Nalu Guide And Build Review


A coeurl riding fighter “Nalu” joins the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius summoning pool this week. She’s got a great TMR, chains with the “Quick Trick” family, and brings a bit of utility to the table. Is she worth summoning? The answer this week is everybody’s favorite  response – “It depends!” Before we get into the details of that question, let’s first take a look at what Nalu has to offer.



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Right from the get go, Nalu gets access to “Wild Instincts” which provides her an innate 100% LB fill rate. She has a beastly LB so this will help you activate it a lot quicker. More on this later.

She also has immunities to several key status effects thanks to “Fearless.” She doesn’t have to worry about Poison, Disease, Blind, or Paralyze. As a physical damage dealer, the last two are very big. This trait also provides her with a small auto-heal of 600 HP (1.8x coefficient) per turn. It’s not much, but you never know, sometimes it might just be enough to prevent her from dying and allowing you to clear a boss.

One of her best traits is “Hunting Expertise” which not only gives her an extra 30% attack, but provides her with 50% damage killers vs. three enemy types: beasts, insects, and plants. These killers stack with killers provided by espers and equipment, allowing her to do huge amounts of damage to those types of enemies.

She also has two other damage boosting traits: “Lightning Spear Mastery” and “Self-taught Spear Art.” The former gives Nalu a 50% boost to ATK when equipped with a spear and also grants her 30% lightning resistance. Self-taught Spear Art” increases equipment ATK by 100% when single wielding a weapon as well as giving her a 25% accuracy boost. In other words, she has innate 100% TDH (True Doublehand).

If you’re lucky enough to pull two of her, Nalu’s 7-star form is very strong right now. When she’s equipped with her own TMR, she gains an additional 50% TDH, 25% accuracy, and 25% ATK. She also gets access to “Forest Wanderer” which provides her with an additional 50% killer damage to beasts, insects, and plants bringing her innate killer damage to these three enemy types up to 100%!

Active Abilities

Nalu is extremely strong against “beast” type enemy units. Her first active ability is “Panther Strike” which gives her an extra 50% killer damage against beast enemies for 2 turns while also dealing a ST 2.5x damage strike. Combined with her passive traits, she can bring her killer damage against beasts up to 150% with no gear or esper equipped!

She also gets “Blaster” which is a simply 3x AoE damage attack with a 30% chance to paralyze or petrify enemies.

Nalu is pretty self-sufficient. “Blessings of the Forest” allows her to recover 30% HP while simultaneously removing ATK/DEF breaks on her and buffing her ATK/DEF by 130% for 4 turns!

In addition to being a great pick versus beast-type enemies, she’s also a great unit to have against enemies that specialize in dealing lightning damage. “Wild Battlecry” gives her a bit of utility allowing her to increase her team’s ATK by 100% for 3 turns while also providing a 70% lightning resist buff.

Nalu can also self-imbue herself with lightning thanks to “Lightning Spear Jab.” This is a 4x lightning damage attack that also adds lightning to her attacks for 5 turns.

Her bread and butter damaging ability is “Thunder Spear

” which is essentially Tidus’ “Quick Trick” ability but with the added benefit of providing a 60% lightning imperil for 3 turns. This allows her to perfectly chain with Lightning’s “Endless Army” as well.

If you manage to 7-star her, she gets one extra active ability called “Thunder Fang” which is a 3 turn cooldown AoE lightning strike that deals damage with an 11x coefficient.

Limit Burst

As mentioned earlier, Nalu’s LB is extremely powerful. At 7-star and fully maxed out, “Beastly Symbiosis” deals 12x physical damage to all enemies while also providing both a 100% lightning imperil  and an AoE 140% ATK buff for 3 turns. Her innate 100% increased LB generation from”Wild Instincts” and a few bits of gear with high tide will ensure that the 100% imperil and AoE ATK buff stay up at all times.

Trust Master and Super Trust Master Reward

Nalu’s TMR is amazing. “Swift Hunter” is an ability slot item that increases ATK by 25% and also gives 50% TDH. As we’re getting very close to the TDH meta that begins with Hyoh (or Hyou), a unit whose kit is truly optimized by TDH gear, materias and equipment that add more TDH will be even more valuable. Unlike the Japanese version of the game, the Global version does not allow stacking materias like Cloud’s “Buster Style” which provides 100% TDH. For this reason, it’s also harder to hit the 300% TDH cap as players will need to get a variety of different gear to help boost their TDH numbers.

Her STMR Vajrayana is a 175 ATK 2-handed lightning spear. It’s a strong item that Nalu can make very good use of. Aside from her though, spears are generally not as sought after as katanas/swords/greatswords.


Nalu is a very good unit right now. She’s one of the strongest 7-star chainers in the game currently. The problem with her is that looking into the future, her kit isn’t really optimized to make use of TDH making her somewhat weird given that she has a lot of innate TDH. Units like Hyoh and other strong TDH chainers have access to “W” skills which allow them to actually cast an attack twice or “T” skills which allows them to cast 3 different abilities. Without W or T skills, any TDH chainer really isn’t a TDH chainer at all. Unfortunately, Nalu falls into this category.

Hyoh’s release is just around the corner! Might want to hold off on doing crazy pulls. Image Source: Brave Exvius Forum

I wouldn’t recommend pulling for Nalu unless you’re short on TDH equipment. Ideally, you’d want to have 1 “Buster Style” and 2 of Elfreeda’s “Marshal Glove” accessories for a total of 200% TDH. Many TDH units come with innate 100% TDH so having 200% is usually enough to allow you to hit the 300% cap.

Given that the much anticipated Hyoh is expected to be hitting the game in under a month, most players should conserve their resources for his arrival. Even without TDH gear, he’s still significantly stronger than all current chainers. This statement is coming from the lens of a F2P player looking to maximize their resources to clear as much content as possible. If that’s not you, feel free to pull to your hearts content!


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