Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Will Have Castlevania Characters

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct revealed a whole bunch of new information on the game earlier today. This Nintendo Direct was completely centered around the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and basically served as an info dump and a way to generate more hype for the game. They showed off some new characters, new stages, and some other minor things.

The first two new fighters they revealed are two of the most feared vampire hunters of the Castlevania franchise: Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont. The two fighters will have the same kit but just a slightly altered appearance. Due to their standard attack making use of their Vampire Killer whips, they will have the longest standard attack range in the game. However, if you miss you will be left very vulnerable. The other attacks they have are also instantly recognizable for Castlevania fans, making use of axes, the cross, and holy water.

The other completely new character that we will see in the game is no other than Donkey Kong villain King K. Rool. This villain was left as a surprise announcement at the end of the Direct so gameplay details have not really been revealed. However, from the small pieces of gameplay we saw, we can determine that he seems to be a very versatile heavy fighter.

Besides new characters, they also revealed two new echo fighters that will be in the game. Dark Samus and Chrom. Although fans are excited to finally see Dark Samus make it Smash, most people are less excited about seeing Chrom. Chrom makes for the seventh Fire Emblem character we will be getting in the game which is a bit too much. It also doesn’t help that most Fire Emblem characters in Smash are so similar, as they are all some guys with swords, even though Fire Emblem has such an enormous cast of heroes to choose from.

We also got the announcement that some new stages are introduced. In the trailer, we saw a new Castlevania stage that will feature some of the most classic villains from the franchise. They also revealed that a stage based on New Donk City will be in the game, including the fantastic music. Furthermore, there will be an in-game option that lets you morph from one stage to another while in midst of battle. The game will feature a total of 103 unique stages.

Lastly, they also revealed some new items, Pokémon, and assist trophies. There’s a whole bunch of new stuff and it’s better to see the video so you can see those items and Pokémon in action.

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